[New Feature] Real-time update guarantees

Hi all,

As you may know, Bubble’s real time update functionality has always operated on a best-effort basis: we pushed updates about new data being available to online clients, but we didn’t make strict guarantees about whether or not the messages were received. Specifically, if your browser was temporarily offline while another user made changes, you might not see those changes when your browser reconnected.

As we’ve had an increasing number of people build apps that rely on real time updates, we’ve invested in making them more reliable. Bubble now guarantees that if data being displayed in a bubble app is changed, all users with the app open will eventually see the latest version of the data, even if their browser or phone was offline when the data was changed. In other words, we will now consider it a bug if there’s a case of changes to data not showing up, whereas in the past, it was a known issue that users with unreliable internet connections might miss some updates.

Keep in mind that even with this new functionality, updates may be delayed on browsers with weak internet connectivity, especially when dealing with a large number of search results. However, even under those conditions, updates should now eventually show up if the browser can reconnect to the internet.


Very cool! Thanks for the effort here @josh. We’ve seen this issue come up from time to time, glad to know it’s been addressed!

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Super, thank you guys.

I’m noticing that in the admin data panel, Refresh Data has an indefinite progress bar and does not update (it used to be fairly quick.) Anybody else seeing this, and is it possible this is related to this update?


Hi @josh, I got the same problem from yesterday about Refresh Data in APP DATA, it simply not working anymore, infinite progress. Maybe not related with this update. Let me know and I will simply send a bug report.


Yes, please report it, thanks!

Fabulous! Does this also affect situations where the user tried saving when offline and the XHR retries got exhausted? I know this was an issue way back and I`m sure I reported it. But havent been a large issue for me since switching to offline.js in Bubble.

How did you implement offline.js in bubble? Im quite green on plugin dev, but this would be a valuable ability to have, especially in schools where my app will be used a majority of the time.

It`s quite simple, I actually did this in Bubble back in December 2015 but now there are offline.js plugins that you can use, just search the plugin directory.

If you require another language you just have to download and customize the JS file and let it load with your site.

Don`t get confused, offline.js doesnt make your whole app an offline one. It just stores requests and warns the user if he is Offline and tries filling out forms or data. Bubble does not warn of this today, and you risk for example a user adding 1 new customer to the CRM, not realizing the internet was down, the bubble app looks like it stored it fine. She closes her computer, and the customer was never stored.

Here is my original thread on this issue: REQ: Frontend performance optimization


I have forgotten firebase. all my new projects will I switch to bubble. Thanks @josh and @emmanuel

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Actually I’m having the same issue as @mebeingken & @JohnMark regarding the Refresh Data on the Data tab, neither I was able to search for a specific record on the DB.

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Hi @josh, I am facing the same problem as mentioned by @mebeingken, infinite progress bar on data tab, also new entries are not getting populated and this is happening for past three days only. Could you please check, lot of work is stalled.

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We pushed a fix. Should be live now.


Fixed for me!

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Yeah it’s working fine now, thanks…

Thanks for the information.