Fixing data update when connection is restored

There is a very common issue that our customers (and employees) face while running apps built on Bubble.

Right now if browser loses a connection (typical scenarios like in mobile a person switches to different app, or on laptop you close the laptop for a while and open it again), then when we come back to the browser, the connection gets half broken even though internet would be working, browser would be connected to internet etc. Even our bubble app would show internet connected (I used a plugin to show whether it is connected or not)

Other apps (including Bubble editor itself), detect this connection restoration and repair any connection breakage (websocket breaking I think), and hence the app continues to work fine.

However, Bubble apps do not do that. If a connection is restored, then either the data on the page stops updating, or some parts would work and some not. e.g.

  1. It would be like a workflow to update the data would work but if same page has an RG where the latest data created has to be shown, would not show up.
  2. There would be mismatch in count of results and actual results
  3. In RG the rows would show some data, but when you try to fetch data for a specific row, it would bring data corresponding to the row that was shown in same index before connection was broken.
  4. Stale data would be shown on page

This leads to inconsistent data being shown to users and hence a lot of issues.

In my view it is a bug. But Bubble thinks as it is not a bug, so posting it as an idea.

If you agree that this needs to be fixed, please upvote this idea here:


I definitely consider it a bug and have encountered it too, especially on mobile. I re-wired my whole page so the elements were updating based on on-screen calculations instead of pulling from the updated database. A long workaround to be sure. They told you this was a feature?

Me: But you won’t acknowledge that it is a problem and wrong behaviour, and something that needs to be fixed?
They: This would be a feature request on our Ideaboard at this point; our product team does monitor this to inform our roadmap. I’ve passed along your feedback internally, as well. Please let me know if I can help further.

I gave screenshots, context etc. to them about it showing what goes wrong.

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🫨 wow!! I’ll try to get a bug report from my own app filed tomorrow to see if that helps move things along; I’ll link to your idea board post as well.

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