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[New Feature] Uploading files to the root directory

Hey @Emmanuel any update on a workflow to upload a file to the root directory?

2 Likes Is this not possible? AWS seems to be the storage for the root file? Looks like a dead end… although I’m usually missing something. @emmanuel congrats on the funding by the way. So glad to be a part of what you are doing.

NOTE: it works. The file name needs to include the .extension

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You need to do Https://domain/.filename

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Hi, any update on workflow or api access to root directory?

The app I’m building needs to be able to server an xml file, which ideally gets updated/overwritten via the above workflows/api access. Thanks!


Has this been built yet?

I’m also here hoping for workflow/API access to the root dir files. I need to automatically update our sitemap via a workflow. I can’t use the sitemap configuration in the settings because we have some hacky urls in the app.

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@chris.williamson1996 Facing the same problem, the file is viable under AWS’s original domain, but not my domain. I’ve included .extension.


It’s important to have period before the name of the file.

Problem solved, thanks Chris! The key takeaways are:

  1. filename is not a comment but will actually be used in the URL, so avoid using non-Latin letters and using the original file name is recommended.
  2. No need for period before the filename, but do pay attention to development/live versioning, as it matters to your file URL.

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Hi Guys,

Here’s what I put in the settings:

I’ve tried accessing this file at and and I get errors with both methods. Ideas?

I need it too!