[NEW FREE PLUGIN] Google Search

Ever want to search on Google in your Bubble implementation? We’ve just got the solution you needed. The new plugin “Google Search” enables you to return search results from Google and YouTube in terms of JSON.

You will need to sign up for Zenserp’s service first. For more information on signing up: Zenserp


  1. Register a Zenserp account and enter the API KEY into the field “apikey” in the plugin tab.

  2. Retrieve the result by: “Get data from an external API” >> API provider: “Google Search – XXXX”, then select the appropriate fields.

  3. Description of Input parameters:

  • q: this parameter is the keyword that you would like to search
  • num: this parameter is the number of search results you want to return
  1. The meaning of each parameters and response fields should be intuitive enough. If you want to check out the demo JSON response of each data call, or you still have uncertainties about what will be returned, please refer https://app.zenserp.com/playground .


  • Google Image Search


  • Google Maps Search


  • Google News Search

  • Google Shopping Search


  • Google Video Search


  • YouTube Search



  • Basically everything that you will do when you are manually searching on Google / YouTube, but now you can use bubble to do so


Sign up for Zenserp service: Zenserp

Playground for Zenserp service: https://app.zenserp.com/playground
We strongly recommend to view the JSON response with the structure of the visual response. It helps to see the meaning of fields for each return.

Documentation of response of the data call: Google Search Data Call Documentation - Google Docs

Live Demo: https://testing-google-searching.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Editor mode of demo: Testing-google-searching | Bubble Editor

In the coming days, we will update the plugin and add more unique features. Feel free to leave a comment on how we can improve / reporting bugs. We also accept emails: info@nalfe.com

Enjoy bubbling with the plugin!


is anyone able to help me install this? I’m getting the following error message:

The answer is in your screenshot. Your API key is invalid. Grab one from your Google Console.

What do you mean by my Google Console - I followed the steps and got the API key from zenserp…

A search engine is based on a Google algorithm. SEO is the main factor for users’ intent or information. Google play store is a measured part of the app to add an extension.

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@ada I am unable to register. Seems the website to register on is throwing an error when asking for the confirmation email. Are you able to help register?

Hey there @gustafsson.m.johanna

I just tried to register an account again and it works for my end. Would help if you post some screenshots about the error.


Thanks for the reply. I went back to test but still no luck in generating the verification email. Seeing this in the console. Using Chrome (have tried with safari as well)


is this plugin still working ?

I get an error 500 when I’m making a call.


Just use the Zenserp (or another SERP provider) with the API connector, it’s dead simple: Zenserp

Hi - the demo isn’t working…