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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

Hello Ted!
It’s definitely usable on mobile, you have to keep touched the Calendar area for a couple seconds and then it fires the new event action. The single-touch is valid only for existing events.

But still, there are some major bugs and issues that needs addressing.
Eventually @levon you should consider taking this job creating the plugin from scratch?
I will be sold even for a pre-order thing to help developing, this is a major need for a loooong kinds of apps.

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@oh.devteam Aha! Thank you. I was too impatient. My users are as well and all submit complaints. Now I must add some help text to disclose the bug and tell them to hold but just on mobile. The plugin should just work with taps, not holds. Not sure what the technical limitation is with mobile taps.

Hello @ted

Indeed it should work with just a tap, or at least with an option to change that behavior or kind of.
Anyway, there are some headache bugs that probably most of us knows about, but the impossibility to make a concrete use of resize/move an existing event or while in creation, is the thing that bugs me the most…amongst the others obviously.
We’ll wait for a courageous team of superheroes to create this from scratch :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone. I want to add some html on this plugin to show other things. Anyone knows how to do it?? I would like to insert emoticons (fa-icons) and show the informations about the appointment in the same line of the title.

I just posted a full calendar template [New Template] Equina Full Calendar Application.


Based on your experience with Air Calendar is it worth risking my time on an unsupported plugin?

$94 isn’t too much to pay for what the plugin promises to do, but investing time in something that isn’t supported if it breaks is a bit worrisome. I really got burned by Air Date/Time picker breaking and costing me literally days of work pulling it out and replacing it with a home-grown reusable element.

I’m not sure I trust that the plugin is used in 341 production apps, but nothing in this thread suggests that Air Calendar doesn’t continue to work properly and be usable.

Your thoughts?

It depends how well it works for you. I have worked around its issues for the most part. If I had more time, I would write my own plugin. I appreciate how Bubble has created a community of plugin developers to augment Bubble, but I also wish Bubble itself would put more effort into extending the platform and more quickly.

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I agree and also wish Bubble would do a better job of protecting developers (Bubble subscribers) from plugin developers disappearing. As it is now, when a plugin developer goes missing for any reason, there is no protection I know of for users of the plugin.


YES. The platform has been a little squirrelly regarding basic integrations like Github (there is no way to easily source code control your project, only plugins). And there is no way to perform unit testing or CI. It would be nice for disappearing devs to leave their code in a public Github project so others could easily augment, fix, etc.

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Hi where can I get the AirCalendar scheduler? In this demo I see an AirCalendar scheduler plugin but I don’t see it with the original plugin in the plugin store

Air Calendar is available in the Plugins tab of the Bubble backend.

There are two tricks that I know of:

  1. it is a paid plugin so it is only available on a paid Bubble plan.
  2. To find it, just type air, not aircalendar. The indexed name has a space: “Air Calendar”.

Yes, and the larger and more complex an app, the harder it is to make progress without the ability to unit testing new components. BTW, I’m not familiar with the term, “CI”. Can you enlighten me?

I’m not certain a public Github should be used, especially for paid plugins. I think it’s only fair to provide some protection of plugin developers’ IP.

I’m thinking of something a bit more like an “escrow” Github (I just made up the term.) The idea is that every time a new plugin is released or updated, the source is protected in a place where Bubble can get to it and release it to the community in the event the plugin developer goes AWOL.

Hi! I’m working with the AirCalendar plugin and I’m trying to set an inicial date to show as selected (by default it show the current date). I tried using the parameter “date to display at first” but nothing happens, it always shows the current date regardless what value this parameter has. Does any one know how to do this?

I just dropped $94 in hopes that Air Calendar would do what I need even though it is not being supported by the developer.

Right off the bat, on a simple page with no other plugins, this error appears in the debugger …

The plugin Air Calendar (Full Calendar) / element AirCalendar threw the following error: OwnerError Recursion when evaluating property AEl on element “AirCalendar1”
at new t (
at e.evaluate_property ( (please report this to the plugin author)

I don’t see any similar error having been reported in the forum.

Does anyone know what this means and what I can do to clear it up?

Hey guys. What is the best practice to solve an issue, when Appointment disapears when I am filling out popup to specify Appointment name, dates?
I’ve tried to create appointment right after a selection was made, but therefore there appears default appointment and those 2 have a conflict. Also, I can’t delete appointment, when popup is closed with “ESC”, “when condition is true” can’t help me.

How can I use several IDs here?

Hey @seanhoots I have come across what seems like a bug. Please see this video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

  1. the calendar disappears after you save a “click to create event.”
  2. Modifying the event through dragging it updates the text status but it doesn’t write the updated date. It deletes it instead.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Bonjour @stephane , je pense que vous êtes français ?
J’ai regarder votre timeline, et c’est exactement ce que je veux faire ! Seulement, je ne trouve pas votre live démo ( peut être as t’elle était supprimer ?)
N’ayant aucune connaissance de dev, j’ai du mal à comprendre votre approche.
Pourriez vous m’aider ou m’envoyer un lien vers une ressource ?
Merci d’avance pour votre aide !

@Greg-Mafauli Bubble|App without code

Merci @stephane , si je comprends bien, il faut que je me penche sur ce que veux dire ce texte ?