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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

There’s no way to do that - I miss that feature too - wish that was implemented instead of HTML content feature…

Anyone else all of a sudden getting AirCalendar errors? Was working fine on my end this morning, now my air calendars (within a group) are showing the following errors:

The plugin Air Calendar (Full Calendar) / element AirCalendar threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function at eval (PLUGIN_Air-Calendar–Full-Calendar–update–AirCalendar-.js:19:222) at (please report this to the plugin author)


Element AirCalendar A - Group my Shifts

The plugin Air Calendar (Full Calendar) / element AirCalendar threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘names’ of undefined at eval (PLUGIN_Air-Calendar–Full-Calendar–initialize–AirCalendar-.js:2:82) at (please report this to the plugin author)

Has anyone experienced this type of mis-rendering before using this plugin?

I cannot consistently reproduce it, but have seen this too many times where it won’t render the hours grid. Any ideas?

@seanhoots I’m experiencing what I think may be a bug with the Air Calendar plugin. Took me awhile to figure out a replicable pattern, but I caught it here on video. In summary, when dragging and dropping “all day” events, the calendar seems not to pick up the correct “modified event end” variable. Instead of using the modified event’s drop date, it uses the previously modified event’s “modified event end” or, if this is the first event that I’ve drag/dropped or resized since last page load, it uses an empty “modified event end” date. Here’s the video:

My guess is that this is some kind of corner case that only occurs when mixed with other calendar settings (I use your plugin in another app and I do not seem to have this same issue). I’ve played with just about every calendar setting I can think of and re-wrote the app logic numerous times to try to get around this, but it all seems fruitless because no matter what I do I cannot get the app to read the “modified event end” date from the calendar itself (as demonstrated in the debugger in the video). This seems out of my control, hence the bug report.


@edd @seanhoots, I’m dealing with this problem as well, typically on a hard page reload. I currently have an on page load event that resets the calendar view when the calendar is visible and that seems to fix it but it causes a bit of a funky user experience for a couple of seconds.

@seanhoots not to pile on but it just so happened to occur again this morning so I wanted to get a video of what’s happening. It doesn’t seem to matter how I work the logic, periodically when a single event is dragged from one date to another, it will split into two separate events. One seems to exist only in the browser as it goes away on refresh but it has caused real confusion for some of my users.

Bonus, was able to show the hourly view not rendering as well.


@eli I have seen the duplication problem as well.

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kudos for this awesome integration. I just subscribed!
I gave a shot to resourceTimelineYear and resourceTimelineMonth
But I end up having 00:00 as X axis instead of months or weeks

Expected results :


Any idea ?

Hi Team,

Somewhat strange, my air calendar is not initializing when there’s an air date picker element on the page (even if it’s hidden). Strange because in Sean’s demo page for the air calendar, he has a date picker side by side with the air calendar and there’s no issues. I thought this issue was resolved in the last air date calendar plugin. @seanhoots, is there a way to delay the initializing of the air date picker? It looks like when the air date picker is loaded first, the air calendar is having an initializing conflict and crashes (doesn’t load). However, in the random situation where the air calendar loads first, everything is fine. Is there a way we can delay or control the air date picker initializing so that it comes after the air calendar initialization?

Here’s a video of two test pages. One with the air date picker and air calendar and another page with just the air calendar and no air date picker.

Has anyone else experienced this as of late?


@gilles, I haven’t experimented with this but you could try making the air date picker invisible by default and then showing it after the page is fully loaded.

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@eli that worked!!

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Correction, it’s only working on my test page. When I implemented this on my main page with all the airdate pickers:

I’m still getting the initialization error. After trying several different methods to test and get it working, I ended up completely uninstall the plugin and re-installing it. Now it’s working perfectly on my main page. I don’t even need the “Once page loaded, show airdate picker”. Seems the uninstall and clean re-install fixed the issue.

Update - Air Calendar now crashing again. Surprisingly, it’s only on my main (user facing) page. If I remove all air date/pickers, the air calendar stops crashing. On my test pages that include the air calendar and air date picker, I have the date picker on delay and there is no issue. Very strange!

I think I may have found a workaround to the faulty display problem where the calendar shows the column headers but none of the rows of data (hours in the case of a timeGridWeek view, as shown in my post above, or days in the case of a dayGridMonth, which I’ve also seen). This may or may not be easy to work into your own workflow, but when I add these two actions …

  • Add pause of 30ms+ (I would do 50ms to be “safe”)
  • Re-render calendar events

… then I seem to avoid the faulty display problem. There seems to be a lag in the calendar of about 25-30ms that is “causing” this problem. Why do I think this? Well, by trial and error, with a delay of 0-25ms, I can basically always trigger this bug. With a delay of 30ms+, I can never trigger the bug (though like I said, I’d use 50ms to be safe). With a delay between 26-29ms, the bug seems intermittent, and anecdotally more frequent at 26 than at 29.

Curious if this works for you @eli, and others. Post back either way!


Hi there - I’m having trouble getting the Resource Scheduler working. When I have “Enable Resource/Scheduler view” checked, I get an error* and the aircalendar element doesn’t show up. When I uncheck it, there’s no error and it displays fine. Currently I’m trying to use the license key provided in the plugin since I need to verify that the resource scheduler will do what I require before I spend ~$400 to purchase the FullCalendar Scheduler directly. Has anyone seen this error, or been able to get this functionality to work?

Thanks in advance.

*The plugin Air Calendar (Full Calendar) / element AirCalendar threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘get’ of null at r (PLUGIN_Air-Calendar–Full-Calendar–update–AirCalendar-.js:1:163) at eval (PLUGIN_Air-Calendar–Full-Calendar–update–AirCalendar-.js:18:391) (please report this to the plugin author)

I think I had that happen to me - and it was that my default view was not set to one that starts with the word “resource”

has anyone been able to drag and drop between resources?

Hi @edd, I tried re-rendering the calendar events as you laid out above and it kind of works. The first time the calendar loads it displays perfectly. In subsequent views, however, while the grid displays properly, my events are all squished at the top of the calendar like this.

It’s probably important to note that this is in a single page app so the subsequent views are not hard page loads.

I seem to have it working properly right now with the following workflow under a Do every time an Air Calendar is visible event.

  1. Set a custom text state called currentView to the current view’s name
  2. Change the Air calendar view to dayGridWeek (a view I don’t use)
  3. Change the Air calendar view to the custom state currentView’s text

For some reason, I can’t just reset the view. It has to be changed to something different than it currently is and then changed back to what it should be.

At the moment, that is working for me.

^^^^ This would be great

The Resource feature is not working well in the plugin. I recommend waiting for @seanhoots to fix it before purchasing anything.

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Hi guys,

does any of you have contact with @seanhoots?
It’s been almost two months since the update. I subscribed the plugin but the were couple of annoying bugs so I dcidd to cancel it till the update fix but it seems that we will have to wait for that…

Does any of you have any information if the plugin will be supported in 2020? Can’t decide if I should go with Air Calendar or go with another plugin. Advanced calendar plugin is a must for my app so it needs to work well.