New Plugin - Detect Inactivity

Efactive is outdated and your plugin seems to work without problems.

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I’m using your plugin and i set the time to 3sec. If i’m on my page doing nothing or editing something and take pause, that detect user inactive workflow is not being called. I’m showing normal popup for inactive workflow.

will that get called automatically?

Can you please make the plugin to support multiple detects on one page?

Hi @tahycoon, thanks for your message.
Earlier, this plugin was acquired by Rapid Dev Agency so we would be glad to help you with any plugin-related question.

Please elaborate a bit on your request and share a use case that you are trying to implement. It will allow us to better understand it and see what could be done in this regard.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rapid Dev Support Team

Hello, I didn’t expect you’d reply! Thank you!

I was replying to an older reply that said the plugin didn’t support having multiple Detect elements on one page.

For example, in my use, I have a Detect element that triggers when the user goes idle for 15 min and it shows a page similar to Netlifx’s “who’s watching.”
I would like to have another detect element that fires every 5 min of idle and displays a screensaver group.

However, that is not possible with the current plugin, and as others mentioned when having more than one Detect element on the same page the first one triggers and it triggers the second one with it as well. I thought it was a bug but it turned out this feature isn’t supported by the plugin yet :frowning:

I would appreciate if you guys implement this feature in your free time since this is the only detect idle plugin in the marketplace!

Hi @tahycoon, thanks for the reply and for explaining :hugs:

We’ve passed it to the developer team for research. They will check if there is room for improvement.
Once any feedback will appear, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Happy New Year! :star2: :fireworks: :star2:

Rapid Dev Support Team

Hi @tahycoon, thank you for your patience, and finally, here is some good news.

We pushed an update, so now our plugin supports multiple inactivity detector compatibility.
To try it out, please update the plugin on your end.

If there will be any other questions or suggestions about plugin features, please let us know :wink:

Have a great day!

Rapid Dev Support Team