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[New Plugin] FREE Pie, Donut, Line and Bar with ChartJS

Hi everyone,

We have just released a new plugin called Charts and Graphs. That allows you to display your data and analytics in a graphical way. Currently we have available the Pie, Donut, Bar and Line charts with several customisations for each for them.

Here are the links:
:eye: Plugin page
:electric_plug: Plugin source code
:page_facing_up: Documentation and Service Example

We would appreciate to have feedbacks from you!
Have fun, & happy building!
Gabriel Cardoso
MediaNova, 2022


Preview doesn’t load graph. Probably because you are targeting a file without the full url in shared header.
Also, if possible, don’t add shared header. They are added on all page even if the element is not on the page.

@Jici thank you for having a look, we are on it right now!

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I can’t display multiple graphs in the same page or group. Max of 2 graphs (one in page and the other in one group).

It also doesn’t update the graph automatically, you have to refresh the page for the graph to update.

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Hi Lucas,
We appreciate the feedback, the bug and the feature are currently in our backlog. Soon it will be addressed and updated!

Yup I am facing the exact same issue. The graph doesn’t update automatically when its data source is a dynamic data that changes. But thank you @bildungsreformjetzt for bringing this amazing app

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Is it possible to put more than one chart onto the same page?

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Hi Boston, not yet
The elements are rendered with a unique id, in case the more charts are added at the same document, there is a conflict between them. We are currently working on this issue!

Thank you for your quick answer. Nice to know that you are already working on the solution. I will continue to consider your plugin in my application in the hope that everything will be solved soon.

The way I work around that when using javascript and html elements in my app is to provide a dynamic ID…the only real dynamic component is a number at the end (mychart-1, mychart-2 etc)

I don’t know enough about the plugin editor and building plugins to suggest how to do that in the plugin itself, but that might be possible in there as well. Might be something like what Bubble does automatically when they append alphanumeric values when an element is placed on the page (line-a, line-b).

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Thank you everyone for the feedbacks, a new version has been released with the bug fixes
On the v3 it is now possible to:

  • Have more than one graph at the same document
  • Now, responsive
  • The graph autoupdates with data change :smiley:

You can check some example implementations in our app here:

Thank you Boston for your input
Here is how we found a solution:

let instanceID = instance.canvas[0]

It returns a unique ID which can be used to identify our instance
Gabriel C.

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Hi I am facing an issue with this plugin. Whenever I set the visibility of the graph to “invisible” and then switch it back to “visible” , the graph just disappeared.
Thank you for the plugin!

Hi Annie,

Thank you for reporting this issue
We will have a look and get back to you ASAP

Gabriel C.

Hi Annie,
I was not able to find the issue. Could you provide more information about it like:

  • What graph is it?
  • What is the workflow
  • If possible, to share a view-mode of the project and note the component issue
  • OR, record a loom about the problem

Thank you!
Gabriel C.

The plugin doesn’t work anymore! it shows an error on my page called:
“Bug in custom code TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘_ar_object’)
at HTMLDocument.eval (PLUGIN_1656156230536x298565765509152800/Charts-and-Graphs-update–Pie—Donut-Chart----.js:67:92)”

same error for me :frowning:

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Getting the same error, donut charts show fine in the editor but have disappeared from test & live

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This is due to unique ID not being populated correctly. author of this plugin can easily fix it and publish the new code. in the mean time , you can use Simple Pie Chart JS that’s using the same library for pie charts.

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