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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hi @Thimo

Thank you for creating cool plugin.
I have a question about the way to send data to another page.
I read your post and check your demo page.

I set parameter to send data(in this case id) from list page to detail page.
Usually, Bubble set a parameter after URL(e.g : XXXX?parameter=XX).
In your plugin, it is different.(Please check attached URL)

  • My Wish : griddetail?id=2
  • Result : griddetail/2

I am confused about this URL because I could not send parameter to get data from external API.
Please check it and share your experience with me about this case.

Thank you!

Hey, i think that i just discovery a bug. When i set the nativo data “Users” .

“Do a search for Users”, doesnt show the data, or just show one row.

@okamoto You are sending the ID data to the page using the ‘Data to send’ field. This causes the link to look like: griddetail/2. Maybe you can try to leave that field empty

@projeto.portalijp I am not sure what ‘nativo’ means, but I think you are using the user data type here. The user data type has privacy rules by default. You may want to remove them in your case for the data to show up:

Thank you for your response.

You are sending the ID data to the page using the ‘Data to send’ field. This causes the link to look like: griddetail/2. Maybe you can try to leave that field empty

I’ve already checked it, but not work.
Here is the screen capture images.

Is it problem in development env??

@okamoto After taking a deeper look at this, the ‘id’ parameter could be a reserved parameter for Bubble. Could you change it to something else to see if that does work (e.g. ‘table-id’ instead of ‘id’)? :slight_smile:

When I use the ‘id’ parameter I get the issue below:

Thank you so much!

I will check it!!

I know this question has been asked ad nauseam (my apologies in advance, @Thimo), but has the book officially closed on click to edit directly within the cell? I’d like to try some things with autobinding but wanted to check and see whether the library still wouldn’t allow for it.

Hey @Thimo love your plugin, I’m very new and have found it super easy to use!

I’m just struggling with displaying data on a new page from the checkboxes that are selected.

I’m trying to have a “favourite” table, so people can check the box and automatically have it show in a different table on a different page, is this possible?


@sydney22 I wouldn’t say that that feature is of the table, but it is low on my priority list. You could maybe use HTML input fields with some event listeners, but it is not officially supported by the plugin right now.

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Yes this is possible. I have created a demo for you where if a checkbox gets checked, you will be redirected to a different page where the data from that row is shown: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

Hey @Thimo thanks so much for the reply, appreciate the help! I was trying to follow the demo you linked but having some problems still, the data that I’m putting into the original table is pulled from an API, will this still work in that case?

Oh wow I hadn’t considered that- I’ll try it out!

@Thimo Right now the pagination always updates when the table is set to auto-refresh on data updates. Grid.js has the option to disable that behavior:

Could you make that option available in the table settings? (the resetPageOnUpdate option in the configuration file)

This would be useful for tables with lots of pages where users can update the data by clicking a button in the table. Right now they always get pushed back to the first page after updating the data. the only way to prevent that right now is by disabling the auto-refresh which is needed though to keep the table data updated.

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