New Plugin: Generate Clean Slugs

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released a new plugin:

This plugin allows you to convert any text into a “clean” and SEO Friendly URL Slug that you can use in combination with Bubble’s Set Slug action, to create a clean URL for your pages. This plugin runs on the server-side and can be executed from backend workflows.

For a demo of this plugin please visit:

For a demo of this plugin in the bubble editor please visit:Anticodepluginsnew | Bubble Editor

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Cool! Is this plugin already available in the plugins marketplace?

Yes ! Generate Clean URL Slug Plugin | Bubble

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Seems to work well in the demo. Question for you: “This plugin … can be executed from backend workflows” Can I use it to do a “bulk update” on hundreds of items already in my database? i.e. I’d like to update every individual item’s slug by using its current title… Is that possible to do with your plugin?

Yes that should work.