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New Plugin - Html5 Video, Youtube, Vimeo, Audio Player

  1. If it’s not auto playing, please double check if there are more than a video player on the screen.
    More than one video wont playing simultaneously on the screen.
  2. Do you have a pro plan on your vimeo account where you hosted the videos? if not it won’t hide the controls.

Regarding your question:

  1. There is only one video player on the page (image attached).

  1. Vimeos videos are videos from other creators’ accounts and I don’t know if they are from the pro plan. And I don’t have a Vimeo pro plan account.
    I did a test by modifying the CSS of the Video Player in the browser and if I can hide it, but when I put the same CSS on my page does not work.


Obviously, you are not able to hide the controls on the videos with a free Vimeo account.
And Please inspect the page and copy the iframe’s src and open it in a new window.

Please send the URL to me.

Thank you.

@univgalaxy1112 Having an issue with getting Time values (current, ect) from webm video formats. Please help :slight_smile:

We need more information on that :slight_smile:

Hi @univgalaxy1112

This is a great plugin. :muscle:
If I understand correctly, I can have one video and do multiple audio tracks for languages purpose, right?
It is better to use AWS s3 to get all features working? It is faster?
It is possible to play the video in portrait mode with a portrait mode video? I am using my iPhone to record a demo for my application in portrait mode. I want to be able to play it in full screen or reduced screen portrait mode, is it possible?

Hi, @JohnMark

  1. Yes, it supports multi-track sound for multi-language features.
  2. It’s a good idea to host videos on AWS S3, but it’s not always the fastest one.
    You could combine the AWS cloud front to accelerate content delivery.
    Also you can compare the AWS CloudFront with other CDN delivery services
  3. Yes you can play the video in portrait mode.


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Hello, buy the plugin. How can I mute the audio of each track individually?
and how do i do it.

Hi, if you have a look at this demo, you will see only the active track will play at a time.


Olá. comprei o pluguin, e preciso aqui pra minha aplicação se seria possível uma opção de stop do vídeo, e se tem uma opção de buffer, pois os vídeos ficam congelando ao passar para o próximo

Some chunks of videos are buffered before and after the current position, but if it’s still freezing you should go with another streaming provider.
It’s not simply all about the video player.

Thank you.

Hello @univgalaxy1112 I have noticed a but where the CSS seems to be bad on most if not all of the skins for the video player. Please see this video: Screen Capture on 2023-01-16 at 14-10-24.mp4 - Droplr
You can see that there is CSS on the ::before for both the button and the icon placeholder span to output an icon. So it looks like one of these need to be removed.
We removed any external CSS calls to make certain. If you load the custom skin, this effect is not there.
You can take a look on this page here what it looks like:

Okay, what theme are you using?

Okay, I see you have 2 video player plugins in your app where you have conflicts of videojs css.

I recommend you uninstalling another video player if you want to remove the conflicts.


@univgalaxy1112 thank you that makes sense. However ,we do currently use the other plugin for another part of the application (it is a one page app). Is there a possibility of a future update to where the CSS file and some of the classes could be named something a little less generic?

Okay, we will consider it.

Thank you.

Hey there, just a presale question, do you have the function for “Playback Position” so you can “resume” a video for a user?

@univgalaxy1112 Hi! First off - I love Universal Media Player and I’m a happy customer who uses it across several different apps. Thanks for making it!

The reason why I’m posting is I’ve noticed some errors in the console which I think are generated by the player. I’ve attached the screenshot below - the three parts I masked out are all the name of one of my apps:

Thanks for reporting this.

We will release a new version soon.

Thanks again.

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@univgalaxy1112 No problem, glad I could help!