[New Plugin] OneSignal Push Notifications MAX (iOS + Android + Web)

Ohhhh - when did apple update to allow push notifications from web browser @Anocado?? :smiley: :smiley:

Hi, from my experience it can be caused either by browser or by its settings. Which browser did you use? Do you browser setting allow you to receive notifications?

Thank you for your remark @equibodyapp . They allow it, but only for MacOS browsers, not for iOS browsers, you are right. Our plugin can only help to send native notifications on iOS and mobile web/native notifications on Android.

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It was never possible. Apple safari iOS is known for never have allowed push notifications. There is no plan to allow it.
This kind of comments diminish the confidence i can have on your plugin proposition. In the future please do better research in order to provide a better service to your plugin to the community.

Otherwise, your clients seems to be happy so i will test this in the future :+1:

Hi Anocado!
Is there possible use your plugin with Kodular and Bubble to receive push notifications?
I’m using Kodular webview to create a native app with my Bubble aplication.
Thanks for your reply.

@lucas.ar Thank you for your comment, as I mentioned I got two things mixed up. Apple allows sending web notification on MacOS browsers, not for iOS browsers. That is why our plugin can help to send mobile notifications on iOS native apps and web/native notifications on Android.

Hi, we have answered you on your email request in this regard :wink:

Ok, thanks a lot!

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iOS web (safari, chrome and all other browser implementing WebKit but App Store Rules) have never allowed push notifications.
There is no indication of that changing in the near term, and it’s big subject of mobile web. The only way to do push notification on mobile is doing

  • native
  • sms / email

Hi, Is anyone having a problem, when adding the OneSignal Max element to a page with a Repeating group, it will make the repeating group loading forever? If you hide the element, the repeating group works fine. And does this still working?

@Anocado - I’m following your guide and I’ve come to this step. When reviewing the onesignal documentation link in 1.1 below, I only see a single worker.js ( OneSignalSDKWorker.js) file to download. Will not downloading/uploading the the other file (OneSignalSDKUpdaterWorker.js) cause issues?

  1. Add OneSignal hosting files in the root directory of your Bubble app:
  2. Go to OneSignal Service Worker documentation and download .js files from step 1 of the instructions: OneSignal Service Worker