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[NEW PLUGIN] OneSignal Push Notifications PRO plugin

Im developing my app as a web app not as a native app, anyway to get the playerid without wrapping it?

sorry, if you want push notifications, you can either get them on desktop (computer) browsers, or on mobile apps (native or native wrapper that loads your bubble app).

Im stuck in the same.

Hi Im subscribed to your OneSignal Pro Plugins i followed all the video instructions and manage to get the promt but im no able to send push to Multi players ID or indiviudual :frowning:

Guys, for the love of insert god here, you cannot, and I repeat, you cannot get push notifications on MOBILE device WITHOUT an app!
The plugin does its job, it delivers information from bubble to onesignal, but in order to deliver to someone, it needs a PlayerID. PlayerID will be assigned inside a mobile app, not the phone’s browser. That’s how it works.

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@mvandrei Triggering the prompt via a custom WF would be ideal and would lead to higher conversions. I have multiple iOS apps and triggering the push notification prompt at the right moment, in context leads to massive conversion gains.

Do you have plans to implement something like this in your plugin. Have you figured out a way to accomplish it?

@alejandrowunderlich thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure what you mean but custom WF. You can do whatever WF you want, and then just add in that custom WF an extra step: Plugin - OS - multiple choices here.

I think you misunderstood my suggestion.
Via your plugin, there’s no way to decide when I want my user to be asked whether or not to give permission for notifications (Prompting, as OneSignal calls it). This is very important—asking at the right moment increases conversion rates. I think it would greatly enhance your Pro plugin.

Currently, you’ve left prompting to the configuration one does in OneSignal. Either immediately as soon as the user opens the page, or after X pageviews. This isn’t ideal for a user-facing app.

Is this clear?

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Oh, my B. Got you.
Will be included in a future update. :+1:t2: I have a more important update to work on, and this will be included with that.

That’s brilliant! Can’t wait! Thank you for what you do!

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