[New Plugin] - Phone Number Formatting

Hi everybody,

I recently published a phone formatting plugin called “Phone Number Formatting”.

Phone Number Formatting is a phone number formatting and parsing plugin. Many apps these days ask for the user’s phone number and this can help you in training to display your new user’s number.

The plugin is very simple to use! It contains an action that receives a desired phone number and returns this number in some value formats, namely: Number, Country, National, International, URI, Possible, Valid. Remembering that as a rule you will have to inform the complete telephone number, that is, the number must contain the country code and national number (only numbers).

:arrow_right: Instructions

Use the “Phone Number Formatting” action in the workflow you need and provide the number you want to format.

The plugin processes the number informed and returns to the next step 7 values ​​for you to use, they are: Number, Country, National, International, URI, Possible, Valid

Take a look at our demo page for a showcase:
https://acampamentonocode-plugins.bubbleapps.io/version-test/phone_number_formatting (the editor is public!)