USPS API for Address Verification?

Has anyone tried to use the USPS’ free APIs for address verification?

Just gotta sign up and try it out :grin: I haven’t seen the docs but it’s prob pretty straightforward

Also if you’re doing strictly address verification, and not really anything else with USPS, Google also has one Google Maps Platform Documentation  |  Address Validation API  |  Google for Developers

Right, but doesn’t Google charge $17 per month for 1,000 requests? If I’m reading USPS’ website correctly, they don’t charge anything.

Yea but they give you $200 a month in credit (~12,000 address validations)

But if the USPS one works then use that :+1:

Question, does the Searchbox set to Geographic places do a similar thing already? When you start typing in an address, it provides autocorrected addresses. Do these come from Google or from somewhere else? Based on what I have seen, it looks like it matches with the USPS address.

That uses the Google Maps API key you put in the Settings → General menu. I suppose that would work kind-of but according to the Address Verification API docs it makes suggestions to correct components of the address to make sure the address is compatible for standard mailing/package services, etc. Address Validation API overview  |  Google for Developers

I would assume the same with USPS since they are all about mailing letters :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Like on the Bubble searchbox you can search for “United States” and click and save that in your database as a geographical address. But where TF would you ship a package to if you picked that