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New Plugin - Stripe Checkout for Connected Accounts

Thanks !
Is this secure ?
As far I understood Option sets should not contain this kind of info as they are accessible through the entire app, and all option sets possible value are visible by any user ? I may be wrong
What’s your opinion ?

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I was so excited about this plugin…I was trying to integrate checkout with my app and I found this post…
although I got this error:


I also noticed I cannot upgrade to version 1.3.0…

am I using the wrong version? or doing something wrong? @jakesing

now I’m getting ,

for my checkout session API I use my secret key, then I changed it to publishable key but still getting the same error, any ideas? @jakesing @chris.anderson

@jakesing - I am getting the following error when landing on the Stripe page. Was wondering if you know how to resolve? Nothing noted in my logs in Stripe or

HI there,
Anyone know how to set up a value for API call for : line_items[][image]=<items_image>?

Hi guys, I got a question.
I am using this plugin so when the user does a payment stripe knows which client ID the payment is from.
The problem I am having is that when the user checks out and creates the payment, the client ID is not stored in the bubble database. I figured I could do this through a webhook but I didnt manage. How do you guys do it?
My train of though was first time customer does a payment - it creates customer ID - its stored in bubble database- next time user makes a payment it knows who the customer is.

Any ideas? I did the api connector, the webhook, etc… everything works but I cant figure out how to do that because every time a user makes a payment, even if its the same user with the same email, stripe creates another customer ( different ID, same email).

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help.


I have the same error, did you fixed it?
In the stripe logs it shows 200 OK but it doesnt load the checkout page

Hi @jakesing Did you make that extra plugin which includes creating a checkout session? Or are you available for a short help session to get that implemented?


@ramon.sicre How did you manage with webhooks?

Hi @natserrano , I’m having the same exact issue. Did you figure this part out?

no, at the end I did the connection with Stripe via API connector

Hi all, had to create a new bubble account (I’m Jakesing → jacob.b.singer).

You need to create the checkout session first before using this plugin, and then pass that ID into this plugin!

Just wanted to mention that, but also will try to go through some of the older questions here. Haven’t been on the forum supporting this plugin for a while!

Hi, @natserrano , would you mind sharing how you solve this with Stripe via Bubble API connector? I have tried all the method and still have the same issue. :frowning: Thanks.

this is what I did

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WOW! Thanks. Another great tips and a lot of tryout for me. :joy: My biggest challenge right now is charging an application fee with “creating a subscription using Stripe checkout”. It works with one-time payment. Not with subscription. Any tips? Thanks!

this is my subscription call in case it helps you

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Hi @natserrano , thanks for sharing. :pray: Again, I learned something from your call.
I have the following questions:

  1. The express_account is your account or the seller’s account?
  2. How did you redirect the user to the Stripe checkout page after this call in the workflow?
    My problem is after setting the call like this :arrow_down:,

what is next step to redirect user to the Stripe checkout page? Thanks again!

the express_account is the customer account

this is how to redirect to checkout, it’s explained in the other post

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new to bubbl/stripe , but , familiar with both native API frm stripe and with std. dev tools ( Postman or Curl ) .

Docs over at stripe are very good AND support step by step progress thru the protocol using devTools like postman or curl. You code the stripe examples into your terminal session, saving responses from early calls, formatting corresponding property values in later calls. At the end you almost have a sequence of commands to glue into a script.

with the script evolved from repeating stripe docs, you move over to the bubble api connector , filling in the prop values there and doing init on each call in that dashboard. All you are doing here is translation from Curl to the bubbl.API connector’s idiom syntax. bubble’s run-time wrapper repeats the same sequence of https calls is my guess.

if i go with api connector , ill post on my progress.

it may just be an excercise in choosing the less buggy toolset ( charge current customer plugin V3 OR brute force scripting using the api connector )

take worth grain of salt cause im very new to bubble