[NEW PLUGIN] Timer/Stopwatch

Have you ever run into an issue speeding up long, slow workflows? At AirDev we made a Timer plugin that helps with just that!

Features are simple and effective:

  • Start/stop the timer to see how many milliseconds an action takes to complete.
  • “Lap” the timer and include a message when certain checkpoints are reached.

You can control starting/stopping/lapping timer objects via the Element section of a Workflow Action. The Timer’s values will be accessible via “Timer X’s Duration” and its other fields.

It really is just a basic benchmarking tool to help increase app performance.

Check out the plugin’s page on AirDev’s Widgets app for a page/editor example with a few basic workflows using this tool.

Here’s an image with a sample of the plugin in action on a very fast workflow:


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AirDev rocks! You know how I’m spending my weekend (geeking out timing workflows)


Thanks, @kramwe! Please comment back to let us know if you find it helpful.

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When i try to use the timer/stopwatch it only displays the results after i press stop. How do you go about displaying the timer “live”? Is there an option that you can add for this? Like a way to show the lapsed time displayed like this 00:01:13 or something like that?

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