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[NEW PLUGIN] TNCC - No diacritics

Hi fellow bubblers !

i’ve made a new plugin that might be useful when you manage languages with diacritics (you know, all the accented letters or modified ones by a small sign …).
This plugin removes all the accents and other signs from letters to give back the not-modified-letter :

  • à ==> a
  • é, è, ê, ë ==> e
  • ç ==> c

You can find it here : TNCC - No Diacritics Plugin | Bubble
and Demo here :

How to use it :
the plugin presents the (server-sided) Action Remove diacritics that removes all the diacritics from a text passed as a parameter and returns a Simplified text.

Why and where to use it ? Mainly when you create a data type field that you will use for searching : whether you have or not accents or other signs won’t be a problem any more as you may use it in triggers to set that search filed value AND as a filter to the searched text input.

Hope this helps and would love to hear your feedback !