New Plugin: TopCal - Dates, Ranges and Time Slots

Usually this means a required field is empty.
If you are using any Dynamic Values in the Create List of Dates element I recommend first checking if those values are not loading when you are in run mode.

To test this, run the app with the Debug Mode on and use the ‘Inspect’ part of it to see if the field values are empty for this element. If that is not the issue I may need to get access to the page for more troubleshooting

Plugin Update version 3.0.1

Plugin has been updated to the Bubble APIv4 - this version was released a while ago and has been stable for apps that have upgraded but reach out if after the upgrade you see any unintended results from the Plugin’s Actions

Hi @gf_wolfer, I was wondering how to display the booked appointments that are created as TopCal Bookings under a user’s calendar through the standard bubble calendar plugin. Right now under the user’s calendar I have the type of event as a CalendarEvent (a different data type). Thanks.

It can be as simple as Searching for the Booking and filtering by the current user (or another way to filter by a specific User, such as referencing a Dropdown). It just needs to make sure you have a Start Time and End Time (Date fields)

When I am upgrading to Plugin API v4, the plugin is not fully functional, started to have some problems. If I downgrade, it is working fine. Due to the upcoming march mandatory upgrade, I am very concerned. My app has clients relying on it.
Please help.

We should be able to solve this quickly - are you using the ‘Full Calendar Scheduler Suite’ plugin in the app as well?

(Full Calendar Scheduler Suite Plugin | Bubble)
or maybe this one (Full Calendar 6 - Open Source Plugin | Bubble)

Another user and I have found the plugin uses an outdated javascript library which has caused a conflict

Thank you. I am not using those with TopCal. Only Date and Time Toolkit, Date and Time Zone Tools and Parallels. It only crashed in the upgrade. If you have any hints it would be great. I will examine it and provide more details of the usage.

Can you DM me with a link to a live page of your app where it’s broken?
Or you can lookup using your browser console what plugins are being used and if they are using a Luxon.js library - if they are using an old version of luxon before 2.x then that might be the issue

The plugin is working for other users and in this template on the newest version so I can only think of the luxon conflict causing this

Thanks. Will look here to check and DM with more info or the link.

I am trying to implement this same thing, I can seem to figure out the filter, do you have a screen shot of what you did that you could share with me?

I am trying to implement a buffer similar to what has been described above but I cant seem to figure out the correct constraints. The buffer I am trying to implement is something like " cannot book x hours from current date and time." Example : you have the buffer set to 3 hours, it is currently 1pm, therefore the first time slot that should be available would be 4pm assuming a timeslot interval of 60 minutes. Can you point me in the right direction?

Okay I got it figured out. For anyone that may be also trying to solve this, you add the time to the filter on the workflow in the constraint that states this date > current date and time add +hours then your buffer hours here.

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Good to hear you found it :+1:

Hi! Thanks for great plugin! I use it in my app. I have encountered a problem with date lag between calendar day of week and actual date (calendar is the same as in your showcase). It is a 1 day lag, todays date ( Feb 4, Sunday) is displayed as Monday.

Any thoughts what it might be?
Thanks in advance!


I would double check the Text Element that has the Current Cell’s Date formatted as and double check what Time Zone this date is being displayed in. It could be different from what you want and that’s why it’s shifted a day off

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I also have one issue that is crucial for filtering of lists based on date.
I would like to filter list of events to show only events that has todays date in their schedule.

But the problem is that availability for days is stored in numbers range list format.

What is the best way to perform such filtering? Is there any way to store availability as a list of date ranges?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Some clarifications:

Each Event has it’s own Schedule with pattern availabilities for each Day of the week.

Those availabilities are stored in numbers range format so I can not access them in filtering list by date.

My goal is to filter repeating group of events based on their schedule to display only events that has availability for todays day.

Thanks in advance for any advices!

You can save Available Times directly on a piece of data which would make it more suitable for a search. But this is also leads to ‘heavier’ data so you want to make sure that you regularly remove past dates so that it doesn’t get to be too much (also I think a List can only hold 1 or 10 thousands items)

But doing this takes some changes to how you think about the Schedule and Bookings. I would recommend a Backend Workflow that after any change to a Schedule (a Booking, changing a Pattern or blocked day, etc) it runs the Get Available Times action and saves it’s results as a List on the Schedule. Then on a Lookup page you do not need the Get Available Times element and can simply lookup date time slots

Or if it is a small list of events, you can use the Orchestra plugin to have the search run on page: Searching for "who's available" (I'm using TopCal plugin) - #11 by gf_wolfer

I found out that in the plugin Parallels which I use, they have the Luxon library 1.26, then I assume this is the issue, right?