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[New Plugin Updates] Drawing & Painting Canvas

@cmarchan – absolutely, I will keep you in mind!

I think a flow diagram/drag and drop builder would be very much in demand.


Hi There @alex4 I am missing a feature to make the background an image instead! Also missing a possibility to limit the size of the added texts and images. Is there something i cant find or is it not possible?

Hi @balle.emil – let’s continue this thread on the other thread here: Fabric.js Help!


Hi @alex4, cool and useful plugin. There is a workflow to “add shape to drawing/paintingcanvas” I would like to make use of but it doesn’t look to be quite functional? it seems to always put the shape off the edge of the top left corner?

Agree with above a flow diagram plugin from you would be good to see.

Hi @alex_m - thanks for reaching out. I’ll take a look at the issue you’re reporting and keep you posted. Have a great rest of your weekend!


@alex4 Found that it can work by saving and reloading the drawing serialization straight after in the same workflow, not ideal but perfectly usable, cheers

@alex_m thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look at the issue anyway to fix it to work as expected.

Have a great week!

Hi Alex, i’m looking for something like this.

Hi @alex4, does this tool allow multiple people to collaborate on one board at the same time?

Hi @testpass227 thanks for reaching out and apologies for the slower reply.

You should be able to set it up with Bubble workflows to enable collaboration, although I haven’t done it myself, this is how I’d approach it:

  1. When the canvas is modified, generate a serialized canvas (it’s a workflow action under the plugin element)

  2. Once the serialized canvas has been generated (it’s an event on your workflow tab), save it to the database somewhere (the field type of where this is saved should be text)

  3. Create an event using Bubble’s Database change trigger on the workflow tab. Under this event, load the serialized canvas (from step 2) onto the canvas. You might need to set up some conditions so that if Page A made the change, you don’t reload the canvas on Page A, only Page B or Page C, which are listening for changes.

Let me know if I can help in any other way!

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Thanks for your advice, @alex4.
Sorry, I can’t understand this way

I don’t think it is possible to access this canvus in the backend workflow.
I’ve tried it in various ways, but can’t figure it out. I would be very grateful if you describe in more detail how to do it. :pray:

Regards :heart:

Hi @testpass227 – thanks for the follow up. Apologies for the slower response.

Hmm I was not aware that the database change trigger is only available as a backend workflow. Another approach could be to check for a “changed by” (type: list of users) field using a “do every 0.5 seconds” event on the workflow tab. If the user on the page isn’t the user in the “changed by” list, you can update the canvas. Again, you will need to set it up with some conditions so that if Page A made the change, you don’t reload the canvas on Page A, only Page B or Page C, which are listening for changes.

Thank You Alex for the update. The plugin works amazing now. I would like to ask again about the possibility to delete elements (the selection work perfectly, but also would be amazing to be able to delete what is in plus). Is there a new update, maybe I have the old version. Also, I am searching to add on my website the possibility to create custom picture frames (just as an idea to make my product more customer oriented). Will there be such a possibility, or could someone suggest me how could I solve this?

Hi @runningman, thanks for reaching out and happy to hear you enjoy using the plugin!

  1. Could you elaborate on the request to delete elements? Currently, you can already do so. There is a workflow action that allows you to delete selected elements. (You can always update the plugin version by going to the plugin tab in the Bubble editor, navigate to the plugin, and select the latest version. You’ll need to refresh your page for some of the new features to come up on your Bubble editor).
  2. You should be able to create something like the custom picture frames example. To do so, you’d add an image or shape to create the picture frame border and use a workflow action to add the image inside of it.

Hope that’s helpful and looking forward to your response!