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[Plugin Update] Uppy Pro V2 - large uploads, image editing, screen recording

Hi all,

Uppy Pro for bubble has been updated to V2. The plugin’s author transloadit (not me :slightly_smiling_face:) has a blog post describing their latest changes to the plugin detail.

In short, V2 brings some cool new features–all implemented in Uppy Pro:

  • Client-side image editor (crop, rotate, etc) before uploading
  • Screen recording
  • Multi Language support

Plus all the same features from uppy and uppy pro V1 (see uppy pro V1 forum post here)

  • Multi file uploader supporting large files
  • User-friendly and polished upload UI
  • File restrictions on size, type,etc

View the Uppy Pro V2 demo app here

Will the free version of Uppy receive these V2 updates?
At this time there is no plan to implement V2 features in the standard version of uppy. This is to (a) create a solid differentiation between free and pro versions in terms of their features and (b) the code behind uppy free is quite a bit different than pro and so not a trivial task to make these updates to an otherwise reliable plugin.

Does V2 support instagram and other social media support?
In short, no. Social media support in uppy requires a special server-side application called ‘companion’ to always be running. At this time, bubble doesn’t support this capability in plugins. Most likely, if this support ever materializes it would be for a paid-per-month fee to cover the necessary hosting costs of this feature.

Existing Pro users: Be aware that completely removing the page element may be necessary to upgrade. This is due to some kind of quirk in the bubble editor. YMMV.


Did you really just post this 10min ago? I use the Pro v1 and someone was just asking me about it so was looking up Uppy…

Can Uppy now import Instagram pics directly into a Bubble app? I notice the Uppy demo page has Instagram import. That would be neat.

Unfortunately no. The issue here is that a special server-side application called ‘companion’ is needed to be hosted in the cloud to be able to use instagram and other social media with the uppy client.

At present, bubble doesn’t allow for plugins to host persistent apps like companion to stay running in the cloud. Transloadit has a sort of similar paid service like companion, but sadly its not compatible with uppy. I have briefly considered hosting my own instance of companion for the plugin, but if I did I’m fairly sure I would need make uppy a monthly subscription to cover the ongoing hosting costs. Wish I had better news on that…

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it would be really nice if Uppy integrates with the S3 storage

It integrates with bubble’s S3 storage. It does not integrate with 3rd party S3 storage, however. Third party S3 is only supported with uppy companion–a server side application, which is outside the scope of a bubble plug-in

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Thank you for the update! Just one question, it’s asking for image editor config JSON to be able to publish. What do I put there ?

I’ll push an update to remove that requirement. You may try and put in a blank json in there in the mean time {}

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Thank you Jon!

Another quick question. How do I change the language. Tried entering the language code found in Uppy Docs, but doesn’t seem to work. Missing something ?

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 07.23.19

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