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[New Paid Plugin] Uppy Pro (Supports > 50mb) File + webcam uploader

Introducing Uppy Pro.

Plugin Page:

This is a paid version of the popular Uppy - File + Webcam Uploader

Uppy pro includes all the features of Standard Uppy, but without the legacy 50mb bubble upload limit.

Uppy provides a dead simple file-upload interface for selecting files and allowing the user to upload video directly form their own webcam.

Pro features:

  • Up to 5gb uploads to bubble AWS
  • Streamlined multi-file uploading (no workflow action required for each file)
  • Upload progress indicator and exposed ‘percent uploaded’ state

Uppy Pro rides the rails of both uppy by transloadit and bubble. With the Uppy Pro plugin that means, not every feature shown on uppy’s website is available in the bubble platform. Specifically, the feature to connect social media accounts is not available and will likely not become available in the future. Also, if uppy by transloadit doesn’t support the feature, then Uppy Pro can’t either.

@jon2 Is there a way to streamline the process? I am looking for just the ability to grab a video from a native camera (mobile web enabled app) and upload. I can’t find a single plugin that works on android and ios (and accesses the environment camera - not the selfie one).

I love your plugin but i don’t want the user to have to go through so many options to get to the camera - is it possible?

Hi Robert,
Unfortunately, no. I ran into the same issue myself. Its a limitation of uppy.

Hey @jon2, really liking what the Uppy plugin. I’m on an iPhone 7 using Chrome and when I use the Uppy plugin, the “Photo Library” and “Browse” functionality work great. However, the “Take Photo or Video” pulls up my camera with a black screen (like the lens is closed, which it is not). Any idea why that could be happening?

On Android, all functionality works except again, the “Take Photo or Video” has an issue. In this case, it asks the user to “Please allow access to your camera” (see attached image), but doesn’t give any indication of how to do that (no link or anything). Any idea if there’s a way to change this?

Things to try:

Have you verified that your browser camera permissions have been allowed for the current site? or arent restricted by some blanket security setting on your device? It also seems possible that in the past the camera permission for the domain/page could have been denied and the browser isn’t prompting you again.

Have you tried going to and trying out the demo plugin on their homepage? If you can’t make it work there, then unfortunately whatever environment/configuration you have will not work with uppy as it currently is.

Have you checked the browser console for any errors? Chrome mobile console can be viewed from chrome desktop via a USB cable. Similarly, iOS browser logs can be viewed from desktop safari on Mac

Thanks! I think I’ve gotten it to work. Had to allow Chrome app on my iPhone to have access to camera, and that seems to have done the trick. Will user test it a bit more. Thanks!