[New Paid Plugin] Uppy Pro (Supports > 50mb) File + webcam uploader

Introducing Uppy Pro.

Plugin Page:

This is a paid version of the popular Uppy - File + Webcam Uploader

Uppy pro includes all the features of Standard Uppy, but without the legacy 50mb bubble upload limit.

Uppy provides a dead simple file-upload interface for selecting files and allowing the user to upload video directly form their own webcam.

Pro features:

  • Up to 5gb uploads to bubble AWS
  • Streamlined multi-file uploading (no workflow action required for each file)
  • Upload progress indicator and exposed ‘percent uploaded’ state

Uppy Pro rides the rails of both uppy by transloadit and bubble. With the Uppy Pro plugin that means, not every feature shown on uppy’s website is available in the bubble platform. Specifically, the feature to connect social media accounts is not available and will likely not become available in the future. Also, if uppy by transloadit doesn’t support the feature, then Uppy Pro can’t either.

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@jon2 Is there a way to streamline the process? I am looking for just the ability to grab a video from a native camera (mobile web enabled app) and upload. I can’t find a single plugin that works on android and ios (and accesses the environment camera - not the selfie one).

I love your plugin but i don’t want the user to have to go through so many options to get to the camera - is it possible?

Hi Robert,
Unfortunately, no. I ran into the same issue myself. Its a limitation of uppy.

Hey @jon2, really liking what the Uppy plugin. I’m on an iPhone 7 using Chrome and when I use the Uppy plugin, the “Photo Library” and “Browse” functionality work great. However, the “Take Photo or Video” pulls up my camera with a black screen (like the lens is closed, which it is not). Any idea why that could be happening?

On Android, all functionality works except again, the “Take Photo or Video” has an issue. In this case, it asks the user to “Please allow access to your camera” (see attached image), but doesn’t give any indication of how to do that (no link or anything). Any idea if there’s a way to change this?

Things to try:

Have you verified that your browser camera permissions have been allowed for the current site? or arent restricted by some blanket security setting on your device? It also seems possible that in the past the camera permission for the domain/page could have been denied and the browser isn’t prompting you again.

Have you tried going to uppy.io and trying out the demo plugin on their homepage? If you can’t make it work there, then unfortunately whatever environment/configuration you have will not work with uppy as it currently is.

Have you checked the browser console for any errors? Chrome mobile console can be viewed from chrome desktop via a USB cable. Similarly, iOS browser logs can be viewed from desktop safari on Mac

Thanks! I think I’ve gotten it to work. Had to allow Chrome app on my iPhone to have access to camera, and that seems to have done the trick. Will user test it a bit more. Thanks!

@jon2 I noticed with a wrapped native app specifically on android it does respect the app permissions. Even though I have camera permissions enabled, it still shows the Please allow access to your camera message, with no way to access the camera. On iOS it works fine.

Hmmm. This is tough as I don’t know Uppy’s native compatibility to run inside a wrapper. Does this work when running uppy as a standard webpage (rather than a wrapped web app) for you in your android environment? In theory its HTML and JS so it should work, but often times OS have elevated/different security privileges around wrapped web apps. Have you tried going to the official UPPY site and grabbing the HTML snippet for the uploader element and pasting it into a bubble HTML element to try to see if you are able to get permissions to work correctly with ‘native code’ without the bubble plugin code layer? This should help you rule out if its the bubble environment or the plugin’s code thats triggering the issue or if its simply inherent to your particular target environment or uppy.

Wasn’t able to get it to work. Another question, I don’t see that you have a “uploader is empty” state. Can you add that?

Good timing on this question as I was performing some maintenance to the plugin. Check for updates. I added a file count state value that represents the number of file sitting in the uploader. If that value is 0 there should be no files.

Great, for the pro version too?
I don’t see the update yet but once I get it, I will let you know how it goes.

Also noticed that when entering an allowed file type, the uploader allows all file types. That potentially could be a security risk.


Looks like a great plugin. I was just trying it out and there seems to be a slight difference compared to the version on the demo on the Uppy site.

Their demo has a dropdown which lets you change which webcam you’re using, would it be possible to add this to the plugin?

The demo I’m looking at is here… https://uppy.io/examples/dashboard/

Would be really nice if this option was available in the plugin :slight_smile:

Thanks, James.

I love this plugin! Having been battling the topic of uploading images for a while, I tried Uppy this morning and it seems to have solved my main problem, almost instantly (how to set one of the images as a featured image). I am not sure why this Plugin works, and the other did not, but fankly by this stage I don’t care!

I went straight for the paid Plugin btw. I am surprised to see that it says nobody is using the Paid app. @jon2 maybe link to that one from your OP too?

Anyway, I have one question - the Reset action - it only wipes the Images before they are uploaded, right? If you click Reset after the images have been uploaded, they will be removed from the preview, but actually the images are still there, with their URLs in the Uppy element.

This means if you have a RepeatingGroup showing the images that have just been upoaded (which I do to then select a Featured image) then when you click Reset, the images vanish from the Uppy preview, but in the RG they are still there - and of course the Files are still uploaded. Anything that can be done about that? For my use case I have just removed the Reset button.

I do have another question about the best way to remove Files that are uploaded to our Bubble S3 storage, since with testing I have uploaded hundreds of images and am probably approaching file storage limit already! I don’t know any way of deleting files other than manually and individually from the File Manager

@jon2 is there any way you can improve the mobile upload experience? I had never tested it until now (lazy me only testing on desktop!), but one of my users told me the experience is not very good.

When you upload an image from mobile, you can only upload one image at a time it seems. When you first do the upload (on a OnePlus Android) you get prompted to look for photos either directly in Camera or in Files. Normally a photo sharing app would prompt you to look in the Photos.

Given 2/3 of my users are on mobile, it’s a bit of a bad experience for them.

I can’t comment if this is a limitation of this plugin or of uppy by transloadit. Have you tried going to to the uppy uploader demo at transloadit to try out the multi-image picker is supported on mobile? If uppy supports this, I should imagine that this can be implemented on the bubble side of things.

Seems to be the same on the transloadit demo. I will try asking on their Github or wherever if they discuss support.

Quick Q - I currently only have direct upload from phone/computer. If I add upload from Instagram or Facebook and it asks for connection to Authenticate, do you know if it will then be using my app’s developer credentials & API etc., or Uppys’s? I presume the latter?

/edit or is the Instagram etc upload actually available in the Bubble plugin? OK, I see your note now. It’s not coming. :cold_sweat:

Yeah, its not coming due to a lack of want. Instagram and social media require custom software (‘uppy companion’) to run on the server to handle the social media requests. Bubble plugins do not have the ability to run custom code server-side in a persistent manner that the ‘companion’ software requires.

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I have installed this plugin on my machine for waffle blanket. But the thing is that I am facing some issue with it, as someone mentioned earlier too.

Hi all,

Uppy pro has been upgraded to V2. I’ve created a new thread for the updated version since it is significantly different enough to warrant that.