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[NEW PLUGUN] RG Lightbox

Hello Bubblers!
We’ve just published a new plugin:

Lightbox plugin provides several options of an image galleries for your app. It includes several visual effects and a useful interface to customize the plugin to your requirements.


  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Slideshow
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Mouse & Keyboard Navigation
  • Fully responsive & Ready for all devices.
  • Each element can have a title, a description and an author associated

For details and demos please visit the plugin page at:

Plugin page:

If you have questions, reach out to us at [email protected]
We appreciate your reviews and suggestions.

Jay | Mindforapps


Beautiful plugin @MindForApps

Does it support alt tags?

Thank you! Not right now, but we will bare this in mind for the future updates.

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Looks nicely put together. I look forward to trying it out.



Hey @MindForApps,

Trying to get this to work with imagery that lives in an Airtable database. The image queries Airtable and renders the link returned. When I install this plugin, the only thing it does is open the link in the same window (using the full URL extracted from Airtable in the address bar).

Am I missing something?


This plugin is now optimized for images stored in the Bubble database on Amazon servers. Image URL starts with https: //

Hi @vasanbo - Are you replying to my thread and saying that it can’t handle any other types of links?

That’s right, now the plugin only works with images uploaded to the bubble database.

I think it is also work with images stored on uploadcare or other services similar to amazon (bubble). Correct?
If i am not mistaken i have installed plugin and some of my images are stored in uploadcare i will have to verify if all images are working then.

Is this being addressed on the roadmap? This plugin seems far better than the other one available so I’d like to pay for it.

I guess I’m confused why you can handle AWS links but not any other kind of link? What’s the difference?

Appreciate any info…

Sure, we will. We just need examples of links to the images you are using (uploaded to Airtable). How the addresses of the pictures opened in the Repeating Group look like.

For example, the URLs of images uploaded to AWS in a repeating group look like this:
" "

Drop a few example links you use and we’ll adapt the plugin for your images.

Hi @vasanbo,

Examples from Airtable look like this:

Of course, insert random characters for the BIGGUID and SMALLGUID sections.

Let me know if that helps?

So this is a normal link (I thought it would be different).
Tell me, did you forget to connect in the workflow?

Didn’t know I had to do anything in a workflow. Found an action that appeared to be from your plugin and started it on page load (guessing that’s what I had to do). That managed to make it work.

Now I have another problem. Your click area to open the image encompasses the entire RG. I just want the click area to be the image, that’s it. I don’t see any settings for this. Am I missing it?

Separately, is there specific documentation for this anywhere? Thanks!

Yes you are right, there are no settings for this. We initially made the opening of links by clicking on the entire cell, and not just on the image.
But it’s not a problem. Check out this demo page:

There are two examples.
In the first example the images are connected as the background of the groups, in the second example the images are connected in the usual way.

Check out these examples and if that’s what you mean, we will release an updated version of the plugin and publish it shortly.

Yes @vasanbo, this appears to be doing exactly what I would want. Would love to have the option to adjust this feature per RG! Thanks!

The update is ready (v1.1.0).
The plugin has been improved.
Added the ability to choose how to open the lightbox -
by clicking anywhere in the repeating group cell (default) or just on the image.

“Open lightbox by clicking on image only.”
Image 2

Well, as they say, old errors were eliminated and new ones added.

Connecting the plugin as on this demo page:…?debug_mode=true

everything is simple there.

Good luck!

Well that was exceptionally fast. I just launched this into production. THANK-YOU!

I did find a bug, however, that seems to only happen on mobile. Every cell of my RG doesn’t always have an image in it. Sometimes it just has text. Either way, on the web (Mac/Chrome, Mac/Safari) it shows that you’re viewing 1/12 images and scrolls through them great. On mobile (iOS/Safari) it shows you’re on image 1/23 and as you scroll through some are obviously blank (no image in that cell of RG).


I don’t quite understand this error. I could not repeat it in my application.
It’s not clear where it occurs, in a repeating group or in a lightbox?
If there are empty cells in a repeating group, then this is most likely not a plugin error. Try running a repeating group without a plugin (don’t include a plugin in your workflow). Will this error be repeated without connecting the plugin.

I’m talking about your plugin and your 1/x navigation.

This is on web, showing there are 12 images in all of my cells in a RG (correct) and navigating properly. Note that this image is #1 of 12.

This is on mobile. Note that the SAME image on the SAME page is showing up as #2 of 23 (not accurate). There are 23 RG cells with only 12 images in some of them. The mobile representation is showing cells w/out images in them.: