My sites responsiveness wiped from new responsive editor

My site was already working and responding to mobile responsive so well - now the new editor has completely blocked it and it is no longer working.

Do I need to redesign my entire site? Why would bubble do this when the previous version was already working well?

Feeling very frustrated as there does not seem to be any solution other than a complete rebuild.

What do you mean by ‘why would Bubble do this?’…

What did they do? (surely it was you who upgraded your site to the new responsive engine? not Bubble)…

Are you saying that your site got upgraded automatically without your own action?

Or are you just not sure how to use the new responsive engine?

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Hi Adam, yes, thanks for pointing out that I had upgraded the responsive editor. My reference to “why” Bubble had done this was removing the previously responsive version, and replacing it with the new version which is no longer responsive on my site. The new responsive editor would seem straightforward but will not allow me to click on any of the different sizing options which previously worked fine. Please let me know if you are still confused by my question.