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[New] SaaS Base Template!

Hi folks! I’m happy to release SaaS Kitchen, a Bubble template that provides a foundation for you to make your own SaaS web site.

This template takes care of basic functions such as user account sign-up, login and Stripe payment integration, so you can focus your time creating the more unique aspects of your web site.

It’s lightweight, flexible and easy to customize.

Get up and running in minutes with the quick start guide. :rocket:

Username: [email protected] Pw: password

Note: New account creation is disabled in the demo

Documentation & Quick Start Guide:

Purchase Info:
This template is offered for $39 in the Bubble Marketplace:


  • User account flows (sign up, login, reset password)
  • Multiple user account types (e.g. free, paid subscription)
  • Includes both marketing and app-style page templates
  • Compatible with both desktop & mobile using Bubble’s new responsive engine
  • Easily add new pages and visual elements
  • Turnkey web design


  • Save time
  • Look professional
  • Go to market quickly
  • Grow your user base

Create an Application Such As:

  • Freemium service
  • CRM
  • Marketplace
  • E-commerce store
  • Directory site
  • Social network
  • Customer portal
  • Project management
  • Task manager
  • Travel app
  • Freelance platform

Appreciate the feedback!

You cooked up something good!

Thanks for the kind words, @gerbertdelangen!

Hey everyone- Wondering if you have a preference between 2-step vs 1-step signup flows?

In this template, I went with a 2-step flow which begins by asking for only the user’s e-mail address on the first screen, and then waits to ask them to add more information (eg first/last name, choose password) until after they click the email verification link.

The purpose is to reduce friction and make it seem effortless for the user to sign up for an account. Thoughts? Cheers!

The 2 step sign up option seems good.

Thanks, @Milli! Totally agree.

Software Update: I have added language to the confirmation email (“send_confirm_email” workflow) to inform the user they must use the same browser to finish setting up their account (or they can paste the confirmation URL into that browser).

This template has been updated to the latest version of Bubble (Version 22).

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In response to a good suggestion from a user, I have added a page with more detail on each database field. Cheers!

Update: SaaS Kitchen has been updated to the latest version of Bubble (Version 25)