New South African marketplace payment solution?

Just a heads up. South African bubblers looking for a marketplace (split payments) solution have come to realize that neither Stripe nor Braintree work for South African based businesses. I was however browsing through Payfast’s (the popular South African payment gateway) website today and noticed they are offering a service I hadn’t seen before called Split Payments:

@pieter Hopefully you could include this in your Payfast plugin at some point?

Update: I see now split payments was released in 2019 already. Weird I never noticed it until now.

Update2: I got excited too quickly. I see now that split payments can only be done with other Payfast account holders, thereby limiting your vendors to other South Africans only.


Hi @phrase9

Thank you for the message.

You are correct, it is unfortunately limited to other Payfast merchants however we have just pushed an update to the plugin that includes split payments:

See the post here: [NEW PLUGIN] PayFast Payment Gateway (South Africa) - #28 by pieter


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Thanks Pieter. Just finalizing my confirmation docs with Payfast and will then purchase your plugin

Hi @phrase9

No problem, feel free to reach out if you need any assistance.