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openBuild is now completely FREE πŸ†“

Hello community! :wave:

We decided to make openBuild free for everyone!

What is openBuild?

In case you missed our original topic or the product in general (things move fast in the Bubble space!), openBuild is the largest UI builder for Bubble.

It allows users to set up a free account through our Chrome extension and use the library of UI components, widgets, pages and reusables as well as create your own private repository of components. Paired with our starter template openBase, it is a very powerful combo for building out fully custom web applications and websites easily.

Why are we making it free? :thinking:

As Tinkso we are fully committed to delivering the best possible Bubble experience to our users and clients. We believe in the future of no-code with Bubble and are investing in this heavily.

The new responsive editor redesign forces us to change a lot when it comes to the way we work. It offers a lot of new and exciting possibilities for designing and building in Bubble that we are currently internally exploring and testing.

We will be focusing 100% on the new responsive Bubble despite it being in beta and still lacking some pretty crucial features. As such, we will not be investing anymore into updating the existing β€˜old’ responsive components and we believe we have to rebuild all of them from scratch to get the most out of the new responsive.

What does this mean for a premium user? :raising_hand_woman:

Short answer: nothing!

We will automatically unsubscribe you in the next few days and prorate the remainder of your subscription period.

We keep supporting the existing product, you keep having access to your own personal libraries. If this changes, we will make sure to let you know. So for now you can keep using everything as you’ve done before.

We love having you as users and look forward to keep having you as users as we move towards a new and improved openBuild!

What does this mean for new or non-premium users? :raising_hand_man:

You can now access all premium components, widgets and more!
New users can simply install openBuild, connect their apps and enjoy thousands of hand built UI components, widgets and even full pages. Now all for free! :tada:

What’s next?

  • We’re working on a new version of openBuild that is fully compatible with the new responsive editor.
  • We’re also working on a complete redesign of openBase, the starter template. We keep updating and supporting the existing version.
  • And we’re also working on the next set of disruptor products that will make your life as a Bubble maker a lot easier. Much like openBuild changed the game, these new tools will do the same!
  • Oh and we’re almost finished our rebranding from Ideable* into Tinkso, that was a big one :sweat_smile: . More news to follow on that.

The future of no-code and Bubble is looking better than ever and we’re excited to be part of it with you! Thanks for your continued support, on to the next!:rocket:


Thanks for the update.
I was paying, because I wanted to support the project (great idea!) more than the real need I had :slight_smile:
Good luck with the new responsive !


And we’ve greatly appreciated that gesture! It is what motivates is to keep improving our offering.

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Thank you @vincent56 !

I have to also say thank you @vincent56 i was also a paying user at one point as well but as i didnt see updates to the extensions i did drop the extension it is a nice gesture of you guys to make this free tho thank you maybe you will be more competition to canvas :wink:

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This is unexpected @vincent56. Thanks for sharing all of the parts with the community.

Glad to see that you’re moving forward with New Engine and providing support for old components.

Are you expecting to transfer existing designs onto new responsive? Or will you build new components from scratch?


hey @vincent56 tad bit of a issue tho seems openbuild wont load anything … keeps hanging on loads

hope you get too it soon!

Thanks so much for that! Eagerly waiting for the new version - any indicative ETA yet?

I’m looking to customize/create my own elements (with its workflows) and make them available across different apps - this will probably be doable in the new version as well, correct?

We’re still updating the library, especially with widgets :slight_smile:

Yeah, this should be fixed already!

We are working on the next version now as we’re doing some client projects on the new responsive. The learning from that will help is finalize the new framework. The new responsive (with some issues) is really a great step forward.

In fact, it made us realize that a full framework redesign is important as with the new responsive you dont have some of the previous limitations but now other problems to solve. WHich means in terms of what openBuild should offer, is different too.

That ranges from how you paste items in the editor to stuff like default sizes for certain elements/widgets.

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Thanks man, appreciate what you are doing!

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I made a video telling the great good news.
However, the devs have been complaining to me that they can’t use all the features and that the update is required.
I took the test and got the same result.

Can you help?

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Sure Christiano. You can contact us by mail or DM with the usernames so we can sort this out.

For everyone who signed up and had issues with accessing the premium features, that should be resolved and all new signups should have access to everything for free now. Apologies for the delay in that!

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I have a question, can we use the openbuild components to build an app for a client using the free version or is it not in possible?

@vincent56 - When I access the link to install the Openbuild chrome extension, it shows me a 404 error. Am I doing anything incorrect to install?

Hey @vineet.p.s !

We are looking at it right now. Google seemed to have change certain permission rules, so we had to revise our extension code and resubmit it. Should be back online asap!

Note that we are currently in a full rebuild of openbuild, with much more features than the previous version. On top of being compatible with flexbox. Stay tuned!

Goog evening,

Your OpenBuild library seems to be amazing but I have tried everything and it does not appear on the right side the button to open it. I can’t use it.

I tried also on other computer and same.

Is there any issue that you are solving?

Best regards,

Same for me unfortunately. Any updates from the openBuild team? Thanks for your work @mattmazzega!