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New user saying hi

Just saying hi as a newbie user of the platform. After looking at AppGyver I think bubble is the best solution simply due to the plugin library and built-in data base (which I believe isn’t the case atm with AppGyver).

I also heard the bubble community was one of the best so I just wanted to say hi and greetings from Finland. I’m a graphic designer of 30 years, recently involved as a Cx Quality Data guy for hyperscale data center. Working with WordPress making static websites and now with no/low code opportunities like this I’m really excited to build app for myself.

I’d like to know if bubble is the right route? If anyone has any comments on AppGyver I’d be interested to hear your views as I’m only getting started with bubble having gone through most of the inline and online tutorials.



Welcome! :call_me_hand:
You will love Bubble and it’s community…

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Welcome to the forum, @nssdesign.paul!

I came from Wordpress too, looking for a way to be able to build apps without having to learn a lot of code. I chose bubble and I think I was right.

You’re gonna love bubble.

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Welcome to the Bubble community!

I’ve participated in other communities and I’m sure Bubble Community users are the friendliest and most willing to help.

Besides that I would like to recommend this topic @NigelG wrote comparing Bubble with other platforms:

For me it is one of the most complete guide that make me feel comfortable in dedicate my time to keep learning Bubble.

I hope this helps!

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welcome @nssdesign.paul - there’s basically nothing you can’t build in bubble. With bubble and the bubble API your options are endless. You’re in the right place.

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You’ll find that if you have any trouble at all, or need help on a project, the community here is always willing to help the best they can. Also, if you need something built, there are plenty of freelancers around to handle any potential needs you may have.

Welcome aboard the Bubble community!

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Seems I’m on to a good start. Was planning to make a Google Map API taxi app to help pick up customers in my day job while I study Google Data Analysis. Just wondering how fast Google invoices its API and the cost of bubble subscription to hold the data that would it be overwheliming.

Just a side note here. Posted a similar post string to AppGyver. Zero response from the community. To me that says volumes.