Newbie wants to ask professionals some questions please consider opening

Hello, actually i am a student i would like to make an application through which i can give some of my worksheets to the fellow students who wish to prepare… please help me build the application and i have some serious basic questions to ask so please consider joining…
So, my main question is how can i make such an application that the teacher for eg,MHY. is able to upload sheets or worksheets containing questions and other normal students are able to access these sheets through the normal application so how can i make that…{MHY is having a special application through which he uploads so how to make this special app for one person}please help…

you want other people to make an application for you so that you can give worksheets to other students to prepare for you?

Or do you want advice on how to build the application that a teacher would use to assign and distribute homework assignments or other tasks?

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So random…

Actually , i wanted some advice or help

You can create a data field to differentiate between teacher and student, and make the page detect which type of user it is.

You can also use Privacy rules to differentiate the two.

Your question is quite unclear so you would need to give more info before we can accurately diagnose your problem.


Advice would be to first watch all the bubble tutorials to learn a bit more about how bubble works. Then I would subscribe to a learning channel or purchase a course and build along with it to get a deeper understanding of how bubble works.

After that I would map out what your app is going to do. Then learn about database design and start building your app.

Whenever you have questions, I’d first search on youtube channels dedicated to free tutorials about how to do things in bubble. If unsuccessful I’d search the forum for posts on the topic. If there are not forum posts on the topic, I’d create one and add as much detail as you can to get help on the issue.

If you are looking for help, you may want to hire a freelancer.

Thank you, and i appreciate you very much but as i am a student and under the supervision of my parents i can’t spare any money so as to hire a freelancer.

that is perfect…there are tons of tutorials on the forum and other places online that will teach you how to use bubble to build the app you want.

good luck on the endeavor

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