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Newbish: Combining Fields

I want to create a field that pulls up as a text in groups but is a combination of a date entry and a text entry. So, although I have a field for that date (Date) and a field for that entry (Name), I need a combined field with both the date and the name (Title), mostly for search purposes.

Like this?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Yes! But I tried writing it in like that and it wouldn’t work

Could you share a link? If you can click after you enter the first so that you get the “insert dynamic data” prompt again, you’ll be able to insert the 2nd.

What error are you seeing?

It might be because I used the date/time picker instead of a normal input so it registers as a date instead of text?

No errors pop up, just when I put the field (Title) in a text box it shows up blank in preview

Hm, I’m doing it on my end - do you have a link to your editor you could share?

To be honest it’s a bit messy since this is my first project. Basically the “Name” is another field from another type created by another form, the “Date” is from a date picker in this form. Everything checks out as text aand I can insert it to repeating groups, search bars, etc, but in the preview it just doesn’t show.

Sounds like things should be checking out, but without seeing it in context, it’s hard to offer suggestions. Could you take a screenshot of the setup?

Hm, ok I guess we should just check a view things:

  • Correct date input (make sure it’s not the To date)
  • Correct dropdown input
  • Visibility conditions on the text

Mmkay. The date is working (it’s the same thing already showing under the blue circle) I checked and it works with the formatting as well.

The dropdown also works. I’ve used it on several other pages already.

The visibility conditions are set to appear as soon as the page loads. Nothing else is set to affect that.

I did test the date individually though (setting the “title” to just the date instead of both) and it didn’t show up under that either, even though the “date” field works, (though that field is a date and this is text, which is why it is formatted). The formatting on that date also works in everything except attaching it to this field.

I also tested the destination name individually as well (setting “title” to just the destination name) and that also didn’t appear. Something is really wrong with the field but I don’t know how that could be since I just made it.

This is strange! There must be something we’re missing. Can you create a test on a new page or with all new elements? Straight forward date input, text field, text box.

Hint: It’s in the box. Still won’t show up. I also removed the formatting and it won’t work.

What am I missing here:

Oh my word. I got it to work. I just had to create new form entries because it wasn’t registering the old ones. After using the updated form to remake the old entries everything works. I’m so silly.

Thank you for helping me!

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No no, sometimes refreshing actually does fix things. Glad you got it working!

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