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"Next Item" in a list

My app has a list of Users who each have a Youtube URL field with a URL in it.

I want the Current User to be able to go through each video and watch it and then get shown the next video.
But I can’t find a “next item” in a list feature. So right now I can only show the user videos based on “random item”. But I don’t want the same video to keep appearing until they’ve gone through every video URL in the list.

Is there a way to go to the “next item” in the list instead of “first item” or “random item”?

Use a repeating group to display the video. Make it a 1x1, fixed cell layout and use “show next/previous” actions in workflows to go to the next in the list via button clicks.

The repeating group source would be the user’s list of video links. Type = text. Add video element to the cell and set it to dynamic value “current cell’s text”

And is there a way so that it knows what the current user has already watched and it doesn’t start the list over again and go through the same videos when you refresh the page? It will start from where the user left off previously?

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I was able to use the repeating group to display next for my project but I want it to display items randomly and also only once to each user. Random is easy but unique element just makes the group repeat the last item over and over again instead of randomly going through the list again.

From what i’ve read and am about to try, using from item until item and using the count of items is the best way to handle this.

I created a Yes/No field for the Thing to note if it had been clicked but that carried over to the next user and so they saw nothing.