No value or privacy settings are applied?

How can we split this behavior when privacy settings are applied or not?

We have two scenarios here: if the presentation value is empty or not, and then if the user is able to see it or not depending on the privacy settings.

How can we improve the user experience here?If user is not allowed to see, then to say something like “privacy settings are applied”, or if the presentation value is empty, then to say “there is no presentation…”?


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If the user is not able to see it, then the value is empty, so use the dynamic expression to reference the element that holds the value and the expression ‘is empty’ to determine if they can see it or not, and assume, if it is empty it is because of privacy rule…or just remember what the privacy rule was you put together and use the same dynamic expression to determine if the privacy rule is applied to that user or not.

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Hi @boston85719, thanks for the reply!

Have just tried that again, and it seems how even though the value is not empty, but privacy rules aplied for a user to not see, it has been recognized as there is no value.

What do you think here?


What kind of privacy rules are you talking about here?..

Find in searches? Or restricting individual fields?

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Data Privacy: where we have settings for user to see presentation if condition is true (including searches), and then on the bottom of the privacy settings list: “Everyone else (default permissions)” is set for user to not see the presentation, but visible still on the searches (Find this in searches).

What do you see? :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure what that means (a screenshot would be clearer)…

But ultimately, if privacy rules a stopping a particular User from seeing data then, as far as that User is concerned, that data doesn’t exist (there’s no way they can access it).

So there is no way to distinguish whether the data is empty, or it’s restricted by privacy rules (from the User’s point of view they are the same thing).

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Ok, great! I think we are on the same page here now. Not sure if it’s alright to share screenshots from the privacy settings, due to SEO and content visibility. Thanks for understanding!

With such great privacy settings. How we can add a condion on the text element, for user to know if value (presentation) is empty, or user is not seeing it due to the privacy settings? Is there any way?

No, as there is no difference (from the User’s perspective) between the two things.

But obviously you know which fields you’re restricting, and why (as you set up the privacy rules), so you can just use a condition to tell the User whether or not they are being restricted from seeing certain data - just use the same condition you used on the Privacy rule.

I would just do the above

Thanks @boston85719 and @adamhholmes!

It works as a charm! :slight_smile: Still wondering if there is a way where we don’t need to use multiple conditions for each privacy settings, rather for application to recognize, if user don’t see the value due to privacy, so that we can use such “data” (recognition), as to save our app from “double work”.

Thanks again for your value here!

The answer to that is still the same as it was in my previous 2 replies…

If data is hidden due to privacy rules, then the User never sees that data (that’s the whole point of privacy rules). So from the User’s perspective it doesn’t exist.

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Okay, I get that. Still, in my beginner’s mind, I wondered if we could get data from the server side to say only if there is value or not.But I guess, as you mentioned, the whole privacy thing would not make much sense. It’s great to have such a solid and attainable privacy concept.

We work around conditions:smiley: Thanks again, @adamhholmes

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Maybe check with Bubble support if they could tell you what code they use to populate that information in the Debugger…likely it somehow is pulling from the browser console.

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This might be a good challenge at least for Bubble. Not sure if necessary to prioritize… Be free to share, or tag members to quickly overview the idea here.

Thanks @boston85719! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

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