Not able to do API POST Calls via Workflows

I have created an API connection with OpenAI’s API via Bubble API Connector and I want to create a simple workflow that whenever a button is clicked it should make that API call .

But whenever I go to workflow I am not able to see that API’s name and hence not able to call it . What should i do ??

You have selected “use as data”.
If you want the request inside the workflow you need to select “use as action”.


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Thanks a lot for your help it worked now

@dorilama But I am still finding this error that I am not able to send any parameters to it even though I have stated that I am using these 3 dynamic parameters ?

I am not seeing any place to parse/give those 3 dynamic parameters ?

uncheck private from the parameters that you want to set dynamically

Thanks a lot for your help @dorilama , Its working now

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