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Not able to update website for mobile use

My website index page header is different after user logs in but it doesn’t change when any user login in mobile. Although it works fine in personal computer. Can any one solve the problem

Hi @tiwrat15 :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app in the editor?

Hi fayewatson thanks for offering help.
Link before login

Links after login

No problem! :slight_smile: I think the app is set to private. Can you go to the settings tab and change it to “Everyone can edit” temporarily?

Dear fayewatson
I have done!


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dear @fayewatson

I just wanted to check whether you are able to find out reason for the same.


So sorry Ravindra, I thought you meant you had solved it when I read ‘done’. Can you change the app back to public and I’ll definitely check it out!

Dear @fayewatson,

Thanks for offering help! I have made again it public.


Hmm, I signed up and logged in on my computer and phone and both showed the logged in headers correctly. Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like when you log in and the header doesn’t show?

I would also just deploy the changes to live again to see if that changes anything. Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:

Dear @fayewatson,

Thanks for offering help and sorry for delay in reply. I am working in private company for my livelihood and quite busy these days. So I was not able to reply timely, Please accept my sincere apology.

Please find screen shot
Mobile when logged in

mobile when logged out login

personal computer when logged in

personal computer when logged out

logic, which is working in personal computer is correct one
I am not sure why logic in mobile is different from personal compute

No worries at all! :slight_smile: I think the difference is because in the mobile screenshot you are on the index page, and for the personal computer screenshots you’re on the “index1222222…” page. I added this workflow on the index page which redirects the User to the “index12222…” page when logged in:

Dear @fayewatson,

Thanks for offering kind help!

Now in mobile version when I am logging in then after login I am getting message "Page can not be reloaded.

This problem is only with mobile. In personal computer it is working fine.

Thanks again

Hmm, I just added a “When Current User is LoggedIn” redirect for the logged in page, incase that makes a difference. If it doesn’t fix it, I’m not sure why it would still not be working to load the page for you. :frowning: Can you test on a different browser on mobile and see if it’s the same experience? If you think this is a bug, I would file a bug report here with instructions about how to reproduce the error on mobile:

Bug Report Form:

Dear @fayewatson
Thanks for kind help and sorry for delayed reply from my side.

I am facing the same problem in mobile when login is done in website from mobile. Please find screen shot attached.

I have given you lot of trouble and sorry for that. I am very grateful to you for your constant help.

Please let me know how to raise bug report and I will try to do from my side

This isn’t a bug.

Look at your workflows on index and index1222222881efg, you have an infinite loop on mobile.

index1222222881efg -> index (because it’s the mobile version) -> index1222222881efg (because of the workflow) -> etc.

Dear Emmanuel,

I have understood and corrected the same in website.

Thanks a ton for kind help!