Object not there in elements tree but in Workflows?


i have one Group with few buttons which is in Workflows and works in the App.
I can search it by name and find it and see the workflow.
In Design Tab and Tree its not there. If I show in Tree nothing happens - what should I do?


Could you share a screenshot?

Visible in Workflows - clicking on “reveal in tree” opens another page.
Item in debugger is visible…

item in design here - can I show item in screen somehow? I can just search by name to get it.

What happens when you expand the “Main Page” group?
Sometimes you need to click reveal a couple of times.

You can also find it using the search tool:

OK super strange - Search tool shows that its actually on another Page.
It is nit the page I see it in the App, its another one. Still I can’t reveal it, but maybe I can find it on that new page. Can you make it appear somehow after the search?

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