Office365 Email send (Microsoft Graph)

Hi All,

I’m quite new to API usage so it’s mostly a lot of cut-and paste :wink:

The issue I’m dealing with currently is the following:
I want to send all mails from my Bubble app through one Microsoft Graph API connection regardless of the logged in user.
Most information I found in this forum seems to be a Microsoft Graph User based token against logged in user (OAuth2 User-Agent Flow), not an App based token. How should I configure the API connector to handle generic requests (Send email, Send data to sharepoint, Get data from sharepoint and so on) without having to bother about user logon workflows?
Once I figure this out I’ll do my best to create a public plugin for this matter :slight_smile:

Thanks alot!


Any news on this one? Mails send to through Sendgrid are bounced 50% of the time :frowning:

Yeah. That is Sendgrid. A lot of bubblers are moving away from it.