Is it possible to use the old editor?

Hi. Is there a way to create a Bubble project using the old editor? Basically, I want to access the old way to manage elements on the UI and the old responsive editor. I have old projects and need to build a new one, but want to build it using the UI I’m used to.


use the fixed layout settings instead of the column, row, align-to-parent settings

Thanks! The problem is, when I select “fixed” layout, and I see a width of e.g. 1200px, then when seeing the page on a wide screen, it adds 2 white pads at the sides (rather than stretching it to the sides, as it was possible before. Any ideas?

Yes, the old responsive behaviour cannot be enabled anymore on new apps. The new responsive engine is better in every way and we just moved forward. I would recommend you spend some time to get to know the new responsive engine, its easy to use once you dedicate an hour or two to understand it.

If you won’t take no for an answer, I think that the old engine might still be active on old apps…
If the above is true, and you still have an old app laying around that you are not using you could delete everything and use that. I don’t know if this would be a good idea, as I don’t know for how long bubble will support the old responsive engine. And if stuff breaks/you experience a bug, I don’t know if they would allocate resources to fixing it.

I would recommend using the new responsive engine.


Thanks for the idea! Indeed, I ended up duplicating an old project. Thing is, I have to build a “simple” landing page in a rush, so I’ll build it using the deprecated editor, where I can build things extremely fast. Then, and without any pressure, I’ll re-create the project using the new editor (good in any case). Thanks a lot!

just want to add that I was the same exact way, not wanting to jump into the new editor because it was a learning curve, but trust me, you can build so much faster with it.

Take your time to actually watch tutorial videos on bubble and on youtube. Also, understand that align-to-parent allows you to stack elements on top of each other.

But yeah, I highly highly highly recommend taking the leap of faith as soon as possible.

I still cannot believe that I spent 2+ years bubbling full-time, just creating things on the old, drag and drop editor, that made responsiveness a headache.

my headaches of today involve trying to scale a single page app. If I just needed to do a simple landing page, that’d be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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