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OneSignal FREE plugin for FREE and UNLIMITED Push Notifications 📱

you don’t need it for browsers. That’s only for mobile apps.

So I dont need player ID for browser? Lol.

the bridge part is only needed for mobile apps since you are loading the site in webview and not natively in the app. On a desktop version you don’t need the bridge as it loads the website through the browser directly.

It is working with superview only for android at this moment.
I have neither tried it on ios nor on desktop/browser notifications yet !

Ok. Thanks for the reply!


First of all I AM SO SORRY for all the delay. I understand that some of you might find it hard to believe that a lot of things can happen successive, and well, one a bad thing comes it won’t come alone. I need to focus on other project(s) right now and I feel like I’ve failed (this city) you guys. I am sorry.

I want to fix this plugin, as I initially made it an alternative for an existing one that didn’t cover what I needed.

Some of you told me that you want to donate if it’s functional. I propose you the following:

  1. Tell me what you encounter.
  2. Tell me what you would like to have that is not implemented right now.

Donate to and to ETH address: 0x6b7b6d354f14303c1e3ffea754208dd6ce465f52 whatever you want.
Note: if you have other crypto you can exchange it at

I will hire a freelancer and use these money to fix and improve the plugin upon your feedback.


P.S. After the freelancer will finish the fixing part, I will make a written AND video + audio tutorial so you can follow it easily. Also, I will update the page where the plugin is installed and I have a DEMO in place so you can simply copy/paste the workflows in a generic project or look for inspiration/hands on.

L.E. I’ve made a google form so we won’t intoxicate this monstrous thread with even more replies from all of you that will reply to this update:


update: not a single update, request, feedback, donation.

MAJOR UPDATE! :sunglasses:

An updated version of the plugin will be released soon. Today/Tomorrow. :tada:
It’s easier than ever, works with auto-detection of platform and operating system.
You’ll simply love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

OneSignal has its own update, it’s still free and unlimited push notifications sent UP TO 30.000 users. So a limitation has occurred, and it’s placed on the number of users that you have.

Don’t worry, there’s a nice fix to that: all Player IDs will be removed from the user’s database (shall you make the right workflow as shown) upon user logout. Ex.: user will login, it will get its PID into the database. It does this from 3(in this example) different devices. At some point, it will logout from device #2. The PID associated with device #2 will be removed automatically from the database from that user.

As promised, THIS plugin will remain free with community support.
However, the new, updated plugin, will be under commercial license.
It will have tutorial.

P.S. Nobody donated upon my previous request/proposal, so I ask @Bubble (if possible) to redact the donation addresses so that they won’t be visible in edit history.

Let’s enjoy the new push notification plugin! :tada:


Wanna be the first one to take it out for a spin? Will be offering it for free, forever for the first 3 testers. First 3 comments will win.


Hi @mvandrei!

Thank you so much for this. I would like to test the plugin.

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Me too!
Great news!!

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Thank you, I would also like to test.

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Me tooo!

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This is absolutely fantastic!
I can’t wait to get a chance to test this.
Will it eork fir ios

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it works perfectly with: iOS, Android (given that I only tested with SuperView), and on laptop/desktop: chrome, safari, opera, firefox.

Would it work in any web view? Or just SuperView?

I’ve only tested with SuperView.

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I’ll create a bubble page with the plugin installed where you’ll have a button to press. If it shows the PID, it means that wrapper works :slight_smile: simple as that. So you can test any wrapper (web view).



Plugin is on it’s way !!! :tada:

Since this is my first commercial plugin, I had NO IDEA that it will be under review from bubble.
Now that the problem was fixed, can @Bubble provide an ETA? The sooner the better, as users can start using it faster.
Oh, and another thing, @Bubble: there is no way (that I am aware of) that I can invite testers, more than 1 at a time to test it. Could you please fix this, so we can have something similar to TestFlight from Apple? Where the developer can invite by email or by bubble app id, more than 1 tester?

Thank you and good luck with your projects!
Andrei out.


MAJOR UPDATE #3 and the last one from me on this page.

The all new, PRO version of the plugin has been released.

You can install it right away, alongside with the old one so that you can copy and paste the codes from within the plugins, with ease. After that, please uninstall the old version.

In order to use the new one, ALL you have to do, after filling in the fields with the data from either the old plugin or from (maybe you missed some on the old plugin so a fresh config would be best), is to go to 20%20PM and then search the list for this element 28%20PM .
Simply draw it on the page or reusable element that you want to get the PID for you.
The size doesn’t matter (and this will be invisible)

It will detect the device type and operating system and it will run the appropriate code to get the PID from that specific device.

Now you can get the PID from this element and save it to the current user, you can add it after login, and remove it after logout. For this you need workflows.

The plugin simply gets you the PID from any device (if you correctly setup the plugin). In order for you to get the PID associated with the user (email address), or as stated above register it to the user after login and remove it after logout (logout not closing the app) you need to create the workflows.

If you have experience you can do this yourself, or you can wait for the video tutorial that will be posted soon.

It has been successfully tested with: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefoxx on Laptop/computer and on iOS and Android (SuperView wrappers on both).

I will create a new thread for this plugin where I will publish the updated tutorials, since they won’t work with the current plugin that will remain free with community support.

One more thing, I’ve only tested it with SuperView Wrappers (webviews). You cannot use it for mobile browser, you need a native app or a wrapper like SuperView.

Thank you for this experience and enjoy the plugin!

:microphone:↓⏚ (mic, drop, ground - I’ve dropped the mic :sweat_smile:).