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Only Secure Origins Allowed


This is a new one…

I’m getting this error now - Only secure origins are allowed (see:

I also can’t seem to trigger the popup that asks if i want to share my location all of the sudden. ?

I got this as well today.

Install an SSL certificate and it should clear.

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Got the same error today.

Does this mean I need Professional plan (with SSL certificates support) now?

@emmanuel Please help. I’m getting this when I switch to custom domain - which is not https since I’m not using Professional account.
So does it mean unless I switch to professional it’s better to not use custom domain?
The issue is it’s too pricey for my needs right now.
Is there any possibility to use https without professional account?

Secure all the elements on your page and it will work fine.

Unfortunately you will need SSL.

You can use https on a personal plan using the domain.

If any of you guys are doing location on mobile it should still be possible. Let me know if you have mobile issues.

For the desktop part I have modeled two theoretical workarounds in my mind if you only need the position once and a little “popup” doesnt bother the user too much, if you need concurrent position data frequently its harder.

I`m making the assumption you want to have your main app with your own domain.

  1. Setup a second bubble app with free https that uses geolocation as a full screen view, it then passes the data back to previous app through EITHER bubble-api-connector to the other app OR just straight into the URL of your current app.

  2. Make a html page running on a free HTTPS heroku instance, that shows full screen text “Getting your geolocation”, gets geodata and passes back to bubble through POST or url data.

or if you can afford the extra dollars just do the easiest way that I recommend, get a HTTPS certificate with @emmanuel :slight_smile:

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Thank you @gurun, I’m playing with your solution and have a question:
Let’s say I have app A - main - that I plan to switch to personal domain (not https), and app B - that will live on (https), just for getting location.
So I tested, I can get data from app B using bubble-api-connector. I can’t get current location directly, but only things, which is fine.
The issue is - I can’t figure out how to “tell” app B to refresh location. Also if multiple users log into app A, physically located in different places, the app B should be able to communicate location to each user individually.
So it seems I need to embed app B into A somehow, so it will be triggered for each instance of app A.
Is that what you mean by little “popup”?

P.S. my app A is mobile first, but not native, just in case.
P.P.S. I don’t need concurrent position, but I need position even for not logged in users.