Open & Close A Comment Button

I have a Comment Icon in my POST repeating group. I have set a custom state that opens The Add Comment box and closes it. This works perfectly but only on a single post.

So if I click the Comment Icon on Post no 1 I can open the Comment box and if I click the Comment Icon again I can close the Comment box. That’s great; on/off.

The problem is that if I open The Comment Box on Post 1 and don’t close it, when I click the Comment Icon on post 2, the Comment Box opens and the Comment Box on Post 1 does NOT close.

Is there a way that a custom state can be made that solves this problem?


Hi there, @alec.bancroft… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to do what you described by setting a custom state to the current cell’s index when the comment icon is clicked. Then, add a condition to the add comment box that makes the box visible when the custom state’s value is the current cell’s index, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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Once again BIG SHOUT OUT to @mikeloc it seems every problem I have (and no doubt, other none coders have) @mikeloc steps in with a suggestion. I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow Mike.



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