Optimizing the UI editor in the browser (using CPU, RAM memory). Low speed editor work


I started my exploration in the world of Bubble and came to a point of limiting my laptop’s resources to work in the UI editor. I haven’t created anything particularly complex yet though… I’ve read a lot of posts about it here on the forum. I understand that such a powerful application builder requires a lot of PC resources because the work is done on the browser side (and thus the computer power) - that is, all the data is sort of loaded into the browser memory (correct me if I’m wrong).

Therefore, as soon as the application becomes more complex, upgraded (uses a lot of dynamic data / queries, plugins and elements on the same page), then the consumption of PC resources increases.

I understand that there is no way to do without it, but in the end, the developers wondered how to do resource optimization to use Bubble efficiently and quickly ?

I think that such a powerful “factory” for the production of applications as Bubble is “sinful” to use only for some simple MVP projects. Why else would it have such a great abundance of features, which I haven’t seen in any previously used similar web-systems? The process of developing complex systems on Bubble is simply addictive - I want more and more complexity. Because it has never been so easy to do!

Why I wrote all this above. I think that perhaps the developers will get acquainted with these problems and come up with a solution how to optimize the work in the editor (since only in the editor noticed the problem) ? I do not know how, but the idea is to possibly disable loading data into browser memory, for example, if some group on the page is not currently being developed (paused) ?

This is a very crude, simple example (forgive me for being so naive, I am not a programmer and am far from “coding” and understanding the use of resources from the inside). But perhaps such an idea will give you an idea. That is, some kind of “phased” loading of design elements on one page when the developer needs it, rather than all at once. Perhaps so will be some saving resources of the PC to work efficiently even on not very powerful PCs ? Otherwise soon even very expensive and powerful computers may not be enough to “handle” the Bubble )).

At one point, I hear the intense noise of my laptop’s fans. Although in normal mode it is very quiet, almost silent. I look in Task Manager (Windows 11) and see this:

By the way, I tried a lot of temporary solutions to speed up the visual editor (and turned off checking problems, and cleared the browser cache, and reloaded the browser tab and used other browsers), but it all lasted not long. Instead of focusing on creative work, I spent my time finding and executing solutions to speed up Bubble.

Perhaps there is a solution already, or can someone give me some help? Or maybe developers will read my post (cry of the soul) and come up with something after all ? I think you can not leave it to chance. Bubble is addictive in its power and at the same time simplicity, but at some point I break down against the “wall” of limited laptop resources…

Respectfully, Alexander.

Have you tried the new experimental feature?

No, I have not tested this function yet. Thanks for the tip, I will try it and get back to you.

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I can’t verify this, it seems to me that I need to switch to a paid plan in order to use this experimental feature. I’m currently in the Bubble stage of learning, so I haven’t switched to a paid plan yet.

Too bad, of course, if it turns out to be true…

OMG… I didn’t notice the checkboxes on the left… I’m stupid))) Turned on the experimental feature, but unfortunately I haven’t noticed an improvement in performance yet… The laptop is still noisy as it was before

Maybe rebooting and clearing the browser cache will help. Not sure, but I will check it out. Thanks again for the recommendation!

I agree the checkbox design/position is not the greatest… hopefully this improves something!

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