How can I re-order data fields?

For example, if I wanted “Created Date” to be the leftmost column, how would I do that?

On the far right you will see at the top a section that says +37 more fields or whatever number of other data fields not visible. Click that and then you can select which fields to show, I’m not sure but maybe the order you click is the order they will be displayed.

This creates a modified view of that datatype which you can find again at the top of the datatype list

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Hi there, @kamesh… you can reorder the columns by dragging and dropping them. Just position your cursor so it looks like this…

… and then drag the column to the desired location and drop it there.



Solved it - thank you!

Yes, before coming here, I found out that it is possible to drag and reorder the columns, but when I refreshed the navigator tab, it went back to the initial position. I was expecting it to be permanent. Any hints?


I have the same issue. It is just visually when you change it, but somehow it is not stored as a permanent view of the table.

Yeah, those changes aren’t sticky… simple as that.