Curated Business Book Recommendations By CEOs 📚

Happy to showcase our product FOUNDERBOOKS.COM, which is built on Bubble without any code :heart_eyes:

Me and My sister have curated the business book recommendations by successful CEOs like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and many others. We have sourced our data from hundreds of CEO interviews broadcasted on various media channels. Completely Authentic Recommendations.

We welcome you to come take a look at If you read books or planning to get on it, FounderBooks helps prepare your reading list in a minute. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, we are sending one new book recommendation by a CEO every Thursday. If you do not like it, unsubscribe anytime.

On you can sort recommendations by CEO name, Author or Niche which pull results match your taste. Also, we suggest you vote your favorite books, so that it will help others make a decision on what books to read.

We are working to make FounderBooks more useful every day. Any feedback would be helpful. Happy Reading :books::grinning:

Update: We have added Browser Push Notifications and Chat features.


Hi @rams419!

Awesome! I love this idea. Just signed up for the newsletter. I’m a sucker for business books, and I added one to the list just now (Deep Work).

Noticed just a few things:

  1. The top search bar is great. The placement of the blog button on the right though could easily get confused for a “Search” button if you’re not paying attention. Your search bar is autocomplete, but I can see people accidentally clicking Blog in wanting to trigger a full search. Maybe just move it a little further away from the search bar.
  2. I’m able to “heart” the books in the list infinitely. I’d create some kind of condition so that the current user can only click on the heart once.
  3. The Submit New tab retains the super tall height of the other tabs that go that far down due to the length of the list. I’d add a way to collapse height so that you don’t have all that extra white space for the Submit form.


Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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@romanmg Gaby, thank you. Glad you liked it. Good to see a new book on list.

Great inputs.

  1. You’re right. Will figure out a way to keep it a little far by not ruining the Mobile View.
  2. True, do you suggest adding a user login to accomplish this so that I can detect user current state?
  3. Sure, will fix this.

Think it’s a great concept, and straightforward business model. Keep it up!

A few tips on how to improve the UX:

  • I clicked into the search field typed a few things but didn’t realize I couldn’t click “enter” to actually search. Might be useful to add that.
  • The idea of searching by niche sounds great. However, when I type B2C, I don’t see anything. Perhaps their is a way to education me, your user, what you mean by a niche (without making me read).
  • I thought me “starring” the book would save it to my favorites. However, it just disappeared (I assume the list is a RG and it’s sorted by number of stars so maybe it just jumped up the page). I’m not sure how other sites do this, but I’ve never seen the object disappear when I favorite it.
  • When I submit a book, give me a feedback message to let me know it’s been submitted successful (and perhaps a link to view it in the main tab).

Ideas for future:

  • Allow users to show off their reading list
  • Collect some form of reviews or UGC that makes your site unique - perhaps allow users to write who they recommend read the book, which might be really useful info and also different than anything else other there.
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Sridharan, thanks for the good words.

What a beautiful UX analysis, love all your points :star_struck:

  1. In our existing Search box, if the user types an existing Book name or Author it will just auto-complete the word for them, but it will not show the search results below. Though that is the intended functionality I was trying to implement, could not figure the Search functionality completely. Welcome any bubble apps suggestions which effectively used Search?
  2. Niche translates to Book Category. To keep it unique I named it Niche, however I will change it to Category now.
  3. Starring or clicking the heart upvotes the rank of the book, so it would move up over the ones with lower votes. I like the idea of saving the favorites too, I need to research how I could do it. Again, appreciate if you drop any Bubble apps suggestions used a similar functionality.
  4. I tried to implement the feedback message after submitting a book, but could not figure out how to bring users to Recently added Tab once they click Submit. Will certainly spend some time here to address this

Regarding Future Ideas, do you mind elaborating the first idea on what exactly mean showing off the reading list? Do you mean saving favorites to their profile and share the reading list?

Sridharan, I really appreciate the time you spent in offering such quality feedback.

Yeah, I meant enable people to create a list or collection of the books they’ve read and share that with others. Probably not the right next step for you, but might be something that’s useful to add at some point.

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@sridharan.s Gotcha. I must add the user Signup/SignIn user layer to achieve this. We certainly bring this in future. Have you built any apps using bubble?

Yep. I’m building

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Checked out and it looks cool. The marketing model does not look simple, it took a while for me to understand what is the problem this product is actually solving. I would suggest to keep a rolling video on the homepage and an FAQs section. The color choice can be better. I liked how you placed that video nicely on that laptop image. Congrats!

Does Meetway started making any revenue?

We’re focused on perfecting the user experience at our events and are just starting to work on ramping the user base. We won’t look to monetize much for a while.

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Awesome job with the app and concept. I was wondering if you were amazon sellers. If not, you may want to look into it. I don’t really know a lot about it but if you are going to promote and link amazon products then you may want to monetize it to help fund the site. Just a thought.

EDIT: A book title I noticed “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley” seems like it could be a cool band name and album title.

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Sounds a plan. Wish you the best!

Hi Prodst007,

Thank you. We are not Amazon sellers yet, but may consider doing that in future. Right we are focusing our energy on understanding the targeted audience real needs and working to improve the website. Also, working to figure out the strategy on what additional value we can create over the existing competitors.

Right now we are publishing a weekly newsletter every Thursday with a CEO a book recommendation which gives a summary on why the CEO liked a book and also offering a little summary of the book.

Haha, agreed Chaos Monkey is a funny name.

Have your built any apps using Bubble?

I was just trying to get you some money man, hahahaha. And no, I am just a lurker. :crazy_face:

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Great Concept !!! Keep it Ram

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Very nice. Why does the page take so long to load?

Need such useful inputs. If you are here, you must be onto something, good luck.

Thank you buddy :smiley: I was trying to reach you over phone. Will connect with you sometime this week.

The site is built well, user friendly. The only thing I would add - is the category. The search is certainly very convenient, but sometimes it happens that the user does not know what he wants to read. It have happened to me so many times - I know about the subject of the book, but neither the author nor the name I do not know, or just looking for something new. As an example, I can bring here this site, I quite often look through it. They realized a rather interesting idea of the “tree” of books. I think just as an idea to reflect on it would be interesting for you.

And, I think, it’s worth mention that you have a rather interesting blog, unfortunately, there are few articles (
I really liked the article named “There are limits to the human attention span, which is why a pitch must be brief, concise and interesting.” And the ideas that are mentioned in the book “Pitch Anything”.

To summarize, I wish you further successful development and improvement)

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Thank you Acksel. I really appreciate your time going through the website and offering a detailed feedback.

We will add the Category feature in next few days.

You’re right, our blog has less than 10 posts so far for the reason being it’s fairly new. Your most valuable feedback is the kind of content you liked which is the Pitch Anything Book post. We will try to publish more content in this style in future.

We are brainstorming to figure the real value what we can create over other competitors. In fact, we need some help from early users like you. If you have to use FounderBooks over our competitors like BestAdvisor or GoodReads, what are things you like us to implement?