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Transitions in Bubble

Hi, am looking to do the transitions on the repeating group shown in this site…The “Shop Jumpsuits”, “Shop Tops” and “Shop Dresses” repeating groups, how can i achieve that with Bubble?

I think there’s a way to make that transition work, but it’ll take quite a bit of work to set up and would require you to set-up a separate transition for each of the 4 lines, and 1 separate one for the image.

Here’s the foundational idea for how to execute it:

You could use the above approach to create the lines that slide in / out.

You may be able to do something similar for the zooming of the image by having the image take up the full size of a group and then create invisible borders that slide out on hover. Furthermore, you’ll want a white border around the image so the part that’s visible remains the same size.

Hope this helps!

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