Page width conditions and pixel density on mobile and tablet devices

I was testing how my site looks on mobile and tablet devices and noticed that on Ipad 11 Pro for example, which is a huge tablet, my site is rendered as if it was 834 x 1194 tablet, specifically I’m talking about page width conditionals.
So in my case bc of these conditionals the site loads with a mobile header, because the desktop header is too long (longer than 834px). Ipad 11 Pro is advertised as an ‘almost desktop’ tablet, so I’d like to render the desktop header there, and I know it could fit since the tablet’s actual pixel resolution is 2k by 2.7k. I understand this has more to do with Apple and how pixel density works on their devices, but was wondering if there is a way to show the desktop header there, maybe I’m using the conditionals wrong?
So the question is, can I do something in Bubble such that on a device like Ipad Pro 11 it is treated as bigger than 834 x 1194?