Page Zoom Alert

Can you email us about this?

Have you try on another machine? Have you try with Opera? Edge do the same? It’s probably a kind of new update from PC, I got 2 times the error last 48h on Windows 2012. It’s interesting to advice the user that his screen will not display all, maybe add the option (on-off) in our Settings? personally, I will put OFF the option for my non-responsive strategy.

Just weighing in here, I’m not having any of these issues. I had been out of the editor for a few days, so I was concerned reading through the thread. Tested on my 13" Retina Macbook Pro and my Windows 10 desktop, no issues.

After talking with some users it appears that the message shows up when the page is zoomed, so it works. User can use the zoom if they really want, but at their own risk… The interface builder won’t work accurately and some UI elements may not be displayed, etc.

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Ha, ok. So I misunderstood the problem. The “problem” seems to be that the message is showing up exactly when it is supposed to, and people don’t want it to be there :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s all specify what browsers we are using. I have this issue on a windows machine using a chrome and firefox browser (windows 10).

    • left side) firefox is at a default of 100%
      2 - right side) chrome is at a default of 100%

How can I be using zoom if the native display is at 100%? I understand that if I was above 100% that it would logical to assume I am now in a “zoom” mode.

Could any of this be a result of using two screens at the same time?

If you have a high rez monitor windows suggests you set your view to 125% , thus you are stuck getting this warning every few minutes. It’s incredibly annoying.

Setting your view to 100% is equally annoying as everything is microscopic.


I just started using the tutorial on a PC in Google Chrome. My page zoom settings are set at 100%. Everytime I start a new tutorial, i get the error about page zoom settings. It also appears that part of the page is not visible to me when I am working on the tutorial. Is there another setting I should check to make sure I am getting full functionality on Bubble?

I tried it with the Chrome window in full screen, maximized and minimized. All resulted in this error.

Hi check this Windows setting,

I had it on make everything bigger:150%. When I changed it to 100% and I reopen my Chrome browser this message was gone

You don’t lose any functionality when you see that message, it’s just a warning (that can be a little annoying, I agree, esp. if you don’t have a zoom set up). Please double check, and if you still see issues submit a bug report.

I get the same error message as well. My editor / browser are set to 100% and I’m on a 1920 x 1080 monitor. It’s a relatively new issue.

My editor used to expand to the full width of my display but now it is stuck at a fixed narrow width with white space on either side.

I am new to bubble and had this message appear several times before I figured out how solve.
This worked on Chrome browser…

I solved the issue by clicking the + sign after the bubble page URL while logged in to bubble editor and on my web app i am currently building…It showed 90% and i just zoomed to 100% and the message was gone.

Surprisingly, the Chrome zoom settings were already at 100%

I also suffered from the same type of messages. But, when I tried to change the “zoom” settings of Chrome browser from 100% to ,say, 90%, I found that the message dispappeared . The message won’t come up again even if I return to 100%. I 'd be happy if my experience helps you.