Pages just disappeared!

Hi! I’m working on a mobile app and two of my pages have just disappeared. I can still see that they’re there on the side Elements menu but in the main editor, when I click on them the screen is just completely blank. What is happening???

Clear cache, reboot browser

Hmm I tried that and deleted my browser history, as well as rebooted my computer. No change :confused:

If you haven’t already try on another computer just to isolate if it’s your device or some emergency thing Bubble support needs to check

Now after clearing the cache and deleting my browser history, there are no longer the “plus” icons next to any of my groups to be able to enlarge them and the two pages are still not showing up in the editor.

I had something like this the other day. But all I had to do was reboot the browser.

Can you try a different browser?

Just tried Chrome (I was on Safari) and nothing has changed, the two pages are still missing.

Can you restore to a previous version?

Are you sure things aren’t just hidden?

Yes, I am sure things are not just hidden. After closing my browser and restarting my computer, none of the groups have the “plus” icon on the left to open and close various groups and my floating group at the bottom for my navigation menu is completely gone.

Well put in a bug request then. Sorry, nothing else that we can suggest I don’t think.

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