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Pages with data types defined from external apis no longer loading

I suspect it’s related to the recent change: Performance improvements for deep-nested API calls

Now when I try to load a number of pages, I see TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
in the console.

Anyone else have their app broken by this?

@eve any updates on this? I’ve filed a bug report. This is a critical issue and my users are noticing and unable to use the app

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I really think the update for 3/22/21 11:35 needs to be rolled back. It completely breaks pages that used to work

Things are still broken

Hello, thanks for following up! Our team is investigating this now and will keep you posted via your bug report.

My apps are not working!

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Bubble is making this again. Sudden updates for critical places. I thought you already changed your procedures to not make this kind of updates and having proper version handling instead!

Any updates? This has broken my production app.

Fix should be live shortly. A gentle reminder to submit bug reports if you’re seeing issues in your apps!

My gentle reminder back to you to NOT MAKE this kind of sudden updates! I don’t even know what is the real problem at the moment expect that that my app stopped loading data from external sources via API. The only thing I know is that everything broke up at the same time you made updates. This is again far away from painless “no -coding needed” development.

Yeah this took an unacceptably long time for the rollback to happen. I reported this bug about 30 minutes after the initial breaking update. Really disappointed it took so long

Apologies for the frustration! If undisrupted uptime is critical for your application, we do have the option for you to move your application to our Scheduled Release cluster (take a look at [New Feature] Release Tiers for more info).

In terms of resolution time: this is actually why we do need everyone to report via the form if you’re experiencing issues in your app, as it allows us to better track and respond to production-tier bugs. A single report is generally difficult to treat as an emergency, but if we see multiple reports about the same thing, that raises significant flags for our team.


Switching over to the Scheduled Release option is something I’ve been meaning to get around to doing once it was proved to be working well. I will take this as a sign that it’s high time I do it! I’m very grateful for this new feature and here is a clear example of how it would have saved me and my customers from some grief.

I just got done handling a flurry of emails from customers related to this API issue, but they’re reporting now that it’s working so the rollback appears to have been effective.

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