Paid Coaching and Development

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing great!

I am a student currently working on my App. I am almost done with the responsive design and some workflows and conditions.

I am looking for someone to coach me. You will work on my app and record your screen so that I can learn how it works. I will pay you according to the time you spend on whatever you have done.

We will go through tasks one by one. Before every task, I will provide you with all the information/requirements needed so you will never feel lost or confused.


I can pay $20/hour because I am a university student, and my budget is very limited. It is worth mentioning that I got a full scholarship to study at one of the world’s 10 universities, which confirms that I am financially limited.

** I am more than happy to discuss any payment ideas you are open to, like short-term equity from my app as I am trying to monetise it, monthly payments, or technical partners.

Please feel free to contact me via WhatsApp here: Share on WhatsApp

Many thanks and warmest regards,



Hi Karrar,

Kindly check your inbox. I can help you with this. Thanks.

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As a uni student, I can tell you you’ll find loads of people willing to work with you for equity on campus, as they’ll use it to bolster their CV. Look towards the computer science department and related societies. Same goes for any software/programming. Chances of finding someone who’s already a Bubble expert are slim but you will find someone willing to learn it with you at any entrepreneurship/startup society.


Hi Karrar,
I have experience on what your needs, feel free to inform me,