Pass objects between pages

I’ve tried different things and gone through the forum, but I cannot go further.

I have two pages, let’s say “apples” and “oranges” plus a page “admin” where I can see a list (repeating groups) of apples and oranges that I have in my DB.

I have made a change so if I click on an apple or orange in my admin group, this object is sent to the page “apples” or “oranges” and I can directly view and edit that item. To do this, I have changed the object type of the page “apples” to “apple” and the object type of “oranges” to orange. Until here, everything works fine.

My issue is now the following: In the header, when I select the page “apples” or “oranges”, I would just like to see all objects and not a specific one (as I haven’t selected a specific one". But in the workflow for my header, a specific object is expected. Is there a way to avoid it? Bubble asks me to add something, otherwise I get an error.

I’ve tried to circumvent it by creating a state in the header (e.g. “header_clicked”) and only if I go to the page through the header, not to show the popup that shows an individual object and only show the list. Unfortunately, once I change to the page “apples” or “oranges” the value of the state is lost.

I’ve also looked into how I could do that through adding something to the URL, but there I’m also blocked.

Any ideas how this should be solved?

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to do but you can use URL parameters to “send” objects (and update the page to not be of the type object). See links below :point_down:

You may want to consider a popup for editing apples and oranges that would show different screens for each type but would allow both users and admins to edit those records and not have to load another page.

You’re right, it’s actually much easier and probably even better to just open the popups at the existing page and not open every time another page. Thank you!

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